Chapter twelve john tells family

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Good morning y'all it's John , today if you can tell by the title of this vlog I'm finally gonna tell gail and the kids where I'm going I'm gonna tell you guys

Before I'm gonna tell my family I'm going to Los Angeles I got a new job as a chaplain there ...... morning dad morning gabby your up early

Where mom ?, dad I'm in the backyard Gabriella ok mom I'll be right now , ugh I could've told gabby she the oldest she'll understand

"Gabriella?, "come here before you to your mother Gail come here I'll be up there right now

Sit down gabby in fact Gail call all the kids in here sure John , kids your father wants you

What wrong John , I have never seen you this sad all week Gail , kids , viewer I got a new job in Los Angeles

Gabby?, *Gabriella slam the door and ran far away to the end of the street *

Gabby !? , Gabriella wait  Diana saw gail ran towards gabby to catch up to her , Gail is everything ok I don't know Diana

Why does dad have to left for mom gabby he's only gonna be there for a week honey then he's coming back home

"Gabby ?, "said Diana your gonna be ok would you like to stay at our house for a few hour so we can talk I would like that mrs Jones

Come on then , I'll bring her back like around 2 Gail ok thanks Diane I'll see you later hun ok mom

Diana what happen , gabby is upset because John is leaving to Los Angeles to be a chaplain In Los Angeles mike

It's gonna be ok gabby when I left to New York to be a teacher here Elyssa was very upset and would not talk all day

But she got over it , but this is different mr Jones my dad is gonna be gone for a whole week oh I see gabby

Meanwhile at the sayers house

John is slowly packing for his flight  in 7 hours , if you notice that it's very quiet in our house because we have the kids sit outside

And gabby is at our friends house Diane and mikes for an hour or so
I'm gonna call ours friend right now

Hi Diane , hi Gail  "how gabby ?, " she doing fine Gail her and mike are watching game of throne

Aww nice put her on the phone Diane ok Gail ,hello, hi gabby hi mom how are you I'm ok mom are you all calm down

I'll have dad go pick you up when he goes to the airport ok mom mrs Jones , yes gabby I think I'm ready to go home now I'll take her back right now Gail

Ok thank Diane your welcome Gail , well I'm all pack and just waiting for you to drive me to the airport  wait John gabby is coming to say her last goodbye to you ok Gail I can wait

Ding dong , thank you so much for taking care of gabby for me Diane your welcome Gail , have fun on your trip John thank Diane

Dad before you go , here so it's can remind you of me when your gone thank you bumblebee your welcome dad

Gabby want to come and drop off dad with me sure mom , Matthew , Ashley kiss your father good bye ok mom

All right kiddo , I'm really gonna miss you dad I'm gonna miss you too Matthew , you take care of your mother and sisters for me I will dad

All right , come here cupcake John we should go now , bye dad bye kiddos I'll be back Matthew ok mom

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