Chapter eleven an early mother day for gail

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Good morning it's John here today is a very special day , and your wondering John why In the world are you wearing Gail's  Christmas apron I'm cooking Gail a mother day breakfast well it's not really mother day

It's an early mother day because in a few day I'm gonna .......... I'm taking Gail's breakfast up to our room we have this all plan out

First Gail will eat her breakfast, next the girls and I  we are gonna spend one by one with each child all day with Gail

So gabby and Ashlee are taking Gail to eat lunch and a movie and

And then around 7:00 Matthew and the rest of us are taking Gail to the eat dinner and the To river to watch the sunset

And that our early mother day because mother day is in 3 day and I won't be here , I will be in ......

People are telling me , John why  don't you tell people where your going , I'll tell them I can't it's private

Tomorrow vlogs is gonna be that it's where I gonna tell my family meaning Gail and my kids where I'm going but I don't want ruin a special day for a special women my wife Gail

Gail I mean she a hard worker , and she has faith oh boy my wife Gail she has faith and hope in her That women loves god from the moment I met her

I mean if I can love anything more , more then i love my wife Gail , and Gail my wife she can love anything more , more then she loves me

I'm blessed to become her husband , her friend , her sidekick ,  and everything else between that

I am faithful to be her friend for 38 years , 39 in September and very thankful that I can be her husband for so long ,I'm grateful That my wife as been my on my side for this long

So gail when you get up and your watching this later on or even tomorrow morning, happy mother day and I loves you

I love you Abigail Elise , I know I'm gonna get  in so much trouble from Gail for saying her full name but she my wife she can't do anything to me right now

A few minutes later

Hey y'all it's Gail , I know it's not mother day but gabby and Ashley are taking me to eat lunch and then we are going to the movies

It's a special day for me to spend time with my girls we never get to do this when John and Matthew are around because they are alway with us

But John and gabby pick this day for. Us girl to do what us girl never do because John and Matthew are alway with us every day expect when John is at work then I get some free time

But never with the girl , never I feel like a mother again because these two are alway with each other all the time we can never separate them 

We just can't , then gabby will get mad or Ashley will get mad at me for separate them two

A few minutes later

Gabby , Ashley and I are having lunch at Marie callender  here my  lovely group friends right here , say hi gabby hi viewer mom and here my other friend Ashley

Hi guys , here feast right here mm thank you girl !! Your welcome mom we love you , I love you too girls

I finished the book that my friend Jenna bush made with her sister called sister first and look at these two , two different people and personalities

Gabby is more emotional and more sensitive  then Ashley and Gabby  is more active and out going , and Ashley keeps to her self

But what they have common is, they both have faith and confidence

I love them so much, we love you too mom ,Kendra I was just reading Jenna new book I just remembered about you and Kenna whiled reading  it

"Jenna made a book mom ?," of course she did Kendra mom it's Kenna sorry you and your sister sound a like i know we do mom

Mom did you see what did post on Facebook , no what Kenna
I'll sent it to you later well anyway happy early mother day mom

Thank Kenna I love you ❤️💕

I love you too mom , nick is gonna call you later on

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