Trio Name

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                    Catherine's P.O.V.

Can I just have a scene without drama? “Are you ready for your date tomorrow?"Darren asked.“It's not." I said.“But you want to go with him. Right?"Darren said.“Of course. I want to. I don't know how to get along with him without you because we're a TRIO. Right?" I said.“Trio?"Darren said.

“Aren't we?" I said nervously.“I'm kidding. Of course we are. We need a name for it."Darren said.“I have a list." I said.

The List of My Future Trio

1. The Terrific Trio

2. Rhythmix


4. 3P

5. Three Musketeers

6. Three Is Us

I was embarrassed when I showed my list to him.

What do you think is the best Trio Name? Comment your fav. name. Just pick on the 6 names. Voting ends in 12/31/14. I'm counting on you guys. Love,Catherine

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