Chapter 12

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Seth's core reformed his body and he found himself on the roof of a tall building in a city that was unfamiliar to him. Next to him was Kat who smiled.
"Where is this? What's going on?" He asked, looking around and standing up straight.
"Los Angeles," she replied.
Seth's core may as well have stopped just from hearing that.
"What the hell are we doing in another country? How did we even get-"
"Seth, I need your help because I doubt the Order will offer it," Kat interrupted him.
She began to explain that her brother who, like her, was a slayer and left to try to be with her.
"Daniel has tried countless times to leave but the Slayers won't just accept someone leaving," she said. "As for me, Nathan thinks I'm dead and even if he finds out that I'm not, he'll be sure to finish the job."
"Perhaps you've forgotten something," Seth said, gathering his logical sense, "Nathan is a master reaper much like Kuro. Both of whom I know nothing about their actual power level."
Kat's attention switched from Seth to a building across them where Daniel stood with another slayer in a hotel room. As the two were in discussion, Kat knelt down out of view.
"He's only with one person, but we can't be sure," she said. She looked to Seth with sincere eyes, "If you don't want to do this, I can send you back to your dorm. But you're the only one I know who could help." 
This was not the first time that Seth felt guilt-tripped by a girl but he could not let it sit on his conscience if something happened to her. 
"Fine, but let's avoid fighting at all costs," Seth said and Kat hugged him tightly. 
Kat already had a plan and asked Seth to follow her lead.
The two of them entered the building from the roof and headed to the room that Daniel and the other reaper were in.
"Hello, sister," Dan said as Kat and Seth entered. "Is this him?"
Daniel and the slayer looked at Seth and Kat introduced him.
The slayer walked up to him and examined him from top to bottom.
He then nodded and looked to Kat, "We'll be happy to welcome another. But for you, Nathan might not be so glad to see you."
"I've prepared Nathan for this," Dan said. "He's willing to give her another chance."
"That may not be the case, but nonetheless, let's go."
They all entered a car and drove out of the city to the mountainside to a mansion. Seth poked his head out of the window to see the Hollywood sign and it was far more beautiful than he had ever imagined. 
The house they arrived at was like something out of a movie and Seth mumbled to himself without the others hearing, "My life may as well be a book...".
As they drove through the gate to the entrance of the house, there were several exotic cars parked all around the front. Some were customised to a point that the brand and model of the car was indistinctive. As they walked into the mansion, there was music coming from one part of the house and a lot of chatter in and around it. They walked past a giant lounge that looked like the VIP section of a club where the lights were crisp and bright, the floor was marble and the colour scheme was gold and creme. All faces turned towards Seth but the biggest surprise was seeing Kat walk.
"What is she doing here?"
"Wasn't she killed?"
"Kat, is that you?"
As the people screamed, some got up to see where Seth and the others were heading towards. Kat did not say a word and Seth tried to keep up but was still admiring the house. They walked a flight of stairs which were carpeted red and the master suite had double brown down doors to it. The slayer knocked on the door and a voice answered.
They walked in and standing by a wall covered with notices and posts was Nathan.
The leader of the Slayers.
He turned around and his eyes immediately landed on Seth and a crushing wave of pressure overcome him. But he did not fall to his knees. 
Nathan took a step to them and it was like a blade pierced through his chest. Seth really needed to get used to pressures like this.

He stood face to face with Kat and grinned.
"Kathryn, I'm not surprised that you'd live. After all, forsaken reapers are difficult to kill." He said.
"Nath-... Master, I'm here to -"
"She's here to ask for another chance, master," Dan explained. 
Nathan then returned his gaze to Seth who was still stiff from the pressure.
"And you must be?" He placed a hand on Seth and the pressure was lifted.
Seth's senses returned and he gathered his words, still unsure whether he should answer this person at all. In his peripheral, he could see Kat widening her eyes for him to play along as planned.
"Seth," he addressed Nathan.
"Hmm, very well then," Nathan replied and walked back to the paper plastered wall. He pulled a paper off and held it out to Seth, "This should be enough for you to handle."
"What is this?" Seth asked as he read the paper. It was a bounty that looked like it came from the police. The man on the paper was a drug lord and gang leader, notorious for all of the killings and city districts he had under his supervision. Rapes, theft, and slaughter - the works.
"An execution," Nathan said, "Prove you're a slayer. Kill everyone this man knows and everyone he loves. Erase his existence."
"He'll need help," Kat quickly interjected but Nathan shot a look that silenced her.
"Kathryn, you have a task of your own to complete if you really want to earn your place back with us."
She could only imagine the torture that she would undergo.
"Maxine of The Order still breathes," Nathan said and Seth's eyes shot wide open, "Kill her. Don't fail this time."
Kat looked at Seth who had 'worried' written all over his face.
"Yes, master," Kat said and the group was dismissed. As they made their way downstairs, Seth was close to bursting.
"Can we talk about this?" he asked in a loud whisper.
Kat pulled his arm and led him to her old room. There were comments from the other slayers who saw them walking into her room alone. Dan shooed them away and they started questioning him. Dan followed through with Kat's plan and simply told them some white lies about Seth.
As the two were now alone in her room, Seth off.
"First of all, what in the fuck? Kat, we were simply meant to get Dan out of that hotel there away from that other guy and run away. What are we doing here?"
"I told you to trust me, didn't I? I need you to keep trusting me."
"Do you seriously think you have the slightest chance at doing what he's told you to? Alright, you almost died the first time, just fighting Maxine! Not to fucking mention, THAT IS KURO'S GIRL! I don't know how strong Kuro really is, but something tells me that it's on the level of Nathan."
"Seth, I know, but I have a plan."
"A plan... of course... and what about me?  Having to do something like this alone?"
"The quest was meant for you, yes, but you're free to ask other slayers to join you. Dan will accompany you and we will rendezvous after each of us have completed our task. Simple."
"Kat, how is killing-"
"I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING!" Kat screamed.
Seth was scared that maybe they were being too loud but she assured him that every room was soundproofed due to the copious sex that goes on every night.
"Before you go, it's best you meet the others. We need to play this right, okay? No suspicions."
"Fine," Seth said, "Just please don't get yourself killed. The Order spared your life."
"We're doing this for Dan. I'll do anything to make sure he's free from all of this."

Seth stepped out of the room and left Kat to her thoughts for she had a plan that had to be well executed. Seth made the rounds to introduce himself to everyone, and he was surprised by the warm welcome. Then again, what set the slayers from The Order was that the slayers were saved by Nathan. But there was more to being a slayer than Seth could gather.
Dan signalled that it was time to go and they drove to the south side of LA. 

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