Chapter ten edith 2nd birthday

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Good morning it's Gail it's Edith second birthday I had some much fun doing a podcast with John yesterday I'm just finishing that up right now I'm publishing it now

I think John is doing his chaplain John thought of the day in the living room I can tell but the podcast was amazing

I'm getting ready because I'm going to the store to pick up some thing for Edith birthday party the older one are at school and Edith and faith are at a babysitter house across the street

So it's just me and John , in the house well John is going to be ahead into a meeting this morning but he's be back

He'll be back , so I'm heading before him so wish me lucky with that

John and I have many many fun birthdays party memories in this house

Like John For example , mine , Nicks , gabby not to long ago , and now Edith's

We alway have a great time having family and friend over , I'm gonna do something on this vlog it's our family one

That I have never done before , I'm gonna be teaching you sign language I got an approved to do this by YouTube and John

To do this , it's gonna be called sign language with Gail sayers , ok welcome I'm gonna be teaching those who are heard of hearing

Or just want to learn so you can be a sign language expert like I am I really great at sign language you can ask John

I heard that Gail it's true John , ok maybe it is true Gail aren't you supposed to be at that meeting guess what Gail they cancelled the meeting

Who ?josh !, wow I knew something about him was fishing when we first met him and Meghan

Yup , I mean really why would he cancel the meeting for , because I was talking about Meghan behind her back That why gail

Really is that why John , well of course it is Gail why else would've been

Oh Gail Michelle called, which one that true dysart oh she said that her and Whitney and Diane are ready to show you the shirt and stuff

So Diane is gonna drop off the shirt and Whitney has the music and Michelle has the costume ready now we can show the kids when we announce the musical later on this week

Guy I'm given you a head up our power is gonna go off tho to a tornado warning test so the siren will go off like around 5:00 so I'm just giving you a head up on that

An hours later

Hey guys it's John I'm just driving up to our drive way I just heard the siren and I'm running inside

Gail and the kids are in the basement I brought food for us for the next hour or so

Gail I'm home we in the basement John I'm coming it's just came down the moment you walked in John the Hail did

We will keep you updated on this tornado warnings we are gonna pause right here

Off camera !!!

Mama I'm scary no need to be Ashley your dad went to go see if the rain stop honey

Boom !!!!

"What was that ?," John ?, stay here Girl mama no !!!! It's ok gurl what was that John ? the tornado torn down the Statue of Liberty and it flew to the memorial of 9/11 oh my gosh

We will might need to stay in the basement for another day gail I'll get the girls blanket good idea gail

What a birthday Edith is having I brought the cake we can have it in the basement good idea John

Watch the wall John I will Gail don't oh and Gail ,Ann called really I haven't heard from her for a long time since we were in Washington

She said she flying in to New York to spend the weekend with her husband parent and so they are stopping here

*Gail started tearing up *

Gail hasn't seen her best friend in 23 year when John and her left Washington to go have a better life in New York

They finally reach the bottom of the stairs , girls we brought the ....... mom the storm went by all that time you and dad were upstairs come on John let's go back upstairs

Aww come on Gail , my leg hurt just coming down here girl guide us we have the cake with us ok mom

Hey mom doesn't this storm remind you of game of throne it those huh gabby every good

Your just like Sophie turner character Sansa you're seriously when you want to be mom

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