Chapter nine back to work and school

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Good morning y'all it's John me and Gail have to go back to work and gabby , Ashley , Edith , and Matthew have to go back to school

We had a wonderful spring break especially me and Gail did even tho we fought during the break like Matthew said me and Gail would work things out

Flashback  to yesterday vlog

Want to come sure , Matthew sweetheart your big enough to know by now your mother and I are pretending to like each other in front of you

I know dad , this kid is funny , wow ! ,What !?  I knew all along dad you don't need to pretend in front of me

It's gabby and Ashley you need to pretend in front of , Gail he's right wait dad didn't you say a few time that you and mom would work things out yea

Well , gosh darn you Matthew your right Gail yes John why didn't you tell me that Paul was telling you to help Michelle with the kid

Well I didn't have time you yelled at me , don't cry gail ?,

*no it's because I don't like when people say I'm wrong John or that I'm mean *

*Why do you need the shovel for ?,*don't push it John or else we gonna go back to how it was before Yes maman

Michelle did it work , yes but guess what !, what ?, John and I are back really aww I'm so happy right now gail

Me too ,where is John?, anyway he's coming  hey Michelle freeze John sayers don't even come near my flowers

Ok ok Michelle gosh , hey John I told Michelle we are back now that amazing how you guys do that gail

You fight and then you boom Gail and John sayers again that amazing gail I know huh Michelle

First we are like boy friend Johnny and girl friend Abigail , then a few hours later we we gail and John sayer again

Current time

Hey y'all it's Gail I'm back in my office at the  jail, it's the jail week

I'm so excited they miss me over the break , gabby and I have this morning prep talk

Were we tell each other what we have plan for the week and the days

Gabby told me this morning that her best friend Amelia is staying here in America for another week or so then she going back to Poland

So doing a international presentation day today and gabby is looking forward to learning a a lot about her

And also mr Silva my co worker is taking them to the 9/11 memorial museum the week I come back since we leave here in New York

And this is were it all happen at it was an awful year for all of us

I remember all , but anyway I'm finish up a great book from my good friend Jenna bush it's called sister first

It's about her and her sister Barbara and I just remembered about me and my twin sister Linda we look like we have different personalities

And live differently, Linda is more of a country girl , and I'm more of a big city girl , and also can I point out every day of our life is like a new chapter we dive into a new day

That my Gail sayer thought of the day as we get closer to the end of the year as our 2018 senior are leaving not gabby and Ashlee and them

But Marisa , Katie, Jenna , John, as all of them leave I have a new chapter of my life with the class of 2019 and beyond

As new student come into our life we grow in different way we have never thought we would of

And like gabby is a new chapter in our life all of ours kids have change in many different way that god pro given both me and John

The theme in the jail , this week as I'm getting ready to do a bible study

Is though god people change , and I have seen inmate come and go in and out of the jail as a chaplain it my job to keep them out of jail

Not in jail , so that kinda of my Gail sayer though of the day and maybe I'll do more of these in my channel

Later on I'm gonna have Chaplain John in here to do a podcast with me my husband John and I are gonna do a podcast because I interview different people in our life and one of them is John my husband

A few hours later

Hey I'm back in my office I'm getting thing ready with my podcast with chaplain john ,I have
My mic right here and stuff

I had an amazing time in the Bible study this morning , I can see god though all the inmate here and they have seen god though me also as more then a chaplain

Come in , welcome welcome Chaplain John , glad to be here Chaplain gail

Have a seat and we will get this ready in no time

Gail on the mic

Hey it's Gail sayer here , with another interview with Gail sayers I'm your host Gail sayer I have a very special guest with me Chaplain John sayers , welcome Chaplain

John On the mic

Thank you Gail for having me on your podcast,

Gail on mic

so Chaplain John tell me what do you do as a chaplain I'm gonna sit back and listen

John on mic

That a very good question Gail , um let's see a Chaplain is some who believe in god and want to bring god into the inmate

Gail on mic

Aww I see so is there any female chaplain in the jail ,

John on mic

yes there is one my wife Gail sayers what a miracle that is

Gail on mic

Well before we end this podcast hey if you would like to listen to any on my other podcast go to interview with Gail sayers . Com

That interview with Gail sayers .com

Ok Chaplain this is how I end my podcast I'm gonna say one two three go and then we would both say

See y'all real soon

ok Chaplain

John on mic


Gail on mic

Ready one ,two ,three

Gail and John on mic

See y'all real soon

Gail off mic

That was great John thank for coming in and helping me

Now I have to get back to work now Gail I'll see you back at home I'm going home for lunch John ok I'll follow you

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