Chapter eight easter in new york

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Good morning y'all it's me gail Happy Easter,  gabby is really upset her best friend Amelia is leaving America and going back to her country Poland

So it's been a rough morning for mrs gabby but we are gonna make the best of our day are we gabby yes we are

And Amelia if you're watching this we miss you already, anyway today The kids and I and John did egg last night it's alway been a tradition since John and I got married

And also tonight season 8 premiere of game of throne me and John after coming back from our pastor party tonight are gonna watch it

I had a great time interview my friend Michelle who has not watch game of throne


Gail cam

I can't believe you haven't heard of game of throne me and John have watch every season since it start back in 2011

Michelle I have an idea , remember I'd called you and told you that I have my own podcast yes you did gail

Let's do one right now , like right now yes Michelle

Gail on mic

Good evening everybody it's Gail sayers here with another interview with Gail sayers

Today I have my friend Michelle dysart with me , welcome to this podcast Michelle I'm glad to be on this podcast Gail

The theme in the jail Michelle is in god way people change , who do you see change in your life Michelle I'm gonna sit back and listen

Michelle on mic

Well for starters, you have change gail, you and John change in my life since we started working together

When I first met you , I though you didn't like me at first because you would never talk but then you told me one day why you would never talk because your were hard of hearing

And then when I realize hey I have that too when I first started working with you

And then we become best friend forever ,

Gail on mic

and next week mark our 23th friend-anniversary

Wow that went by fast yup

Current time

Today I might interview John after our pastor party and before the season 8 of game of throne and no we can't tell you what happens in the last season of game of throne

Actually we are invite to a game of throne premiere party in a couple of month that amazing our close friend in la nick and Sabrina the character Sansa , Sophie turner is throwing  a big  party

So nick and Sabrina invite me and John and the kids to go to the party in la

But what I can tell you , my favorite character in game of throne is Sansa Sophie character she has strength and brave , and fearless

Does are the character trait that I have John we will have to find a character for him

A few hours later

What a lovely service pastor melody had today about Easter because most of us forget what Easter is all about

But not me and John , nope we have never forgotten what Easter is all about us as catholic we have never forgotten the true meaning of Easter

I know a couple of our friend , criticizes me and John for believing in god

I mean we don't talk to those friend no more because they criticize us me and John actually

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