Chapter seven gail and john comes home

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Good morning y'all it's me John we are Back in New York we had so much fun with Gail's sister Linda and her family we alway have a blast with Linda and Jeremy every time we are in Texas

Tomorrow is our Easter Gail and I do this every year we go to church obviously, and then we have our lunch brunch that is what Gail and I call our lunch on Easter and then we have a Easter hunt at the house

And then our pastor invited us to her house for a big Easter party so we go to that and then I like to celebrate Easter not just one day but for a whole month our theme in the jail well Gail's and I theme is

In god way people change , and I have seen people change in the jail , Gail and I see people change and great news

Gail started a podcast as well it's interview with Gail sayer she interviews different people oh my gosh it's fantastic I'll put a link in the description below

I have seen Gail change in the last 38 year of our marriage she been growing in a bigger pond and I think im gonna do a podcast with her later on this week and maybe a chaplain John later on today I'm not sure.

A few hours later

Good afternoon y'all it's me Gail I'm in my office in the house every time we go to my sister house we alway have something to do and I just did a podcast with her yesterday

I'm just putting it up I hope that John told y'all that I have my own podcast call interview with Gail sayers

This is what it's sounds like this is my very first podcast my first "interview with Gail sayers!,"

Yesterday in Texas


Welcome to this podcast, I'm gonna call this interview with Gail sayer

And I'm Gail sayers , and I just want to tell you what it's gonna be like on this podcast I have my own YouTube channel

Called chat with the sayers , and then my family vlog with John my husband called sayers family I have step out of my comfort zone

And so has John , but later on in this podcast I'm gonna have my sister Linda join in

And like most of you know my husband John has his own podcast as well called chatting with John sayers

I got the idea from John , and now my sister Linda is joining me right now , welcome linda I'm glad to be on your podcast Gail

Me and my husband John and our kids are visit my sister Linda on our spring break we usually do this often

But mostly when John and I have time off , so linda what do you do as a living and I'm just gonna sit back and let you talk

Linda on the mic

Well I'm a teacher at a grammar school I'm a second grade special ed teacher , my sister Gloria is a Catholic teacher in California, my sister right here Gail is a teacher in New York

My brother Daniel is a Spanish teacher in I think New Mexico , so yea we are all teacher well

Oh and my husband Jeremy is a music teacher here in Texas and my sister Gail husband my brother in law John is a teacher aide he work for Gail my sister

My brothers and sisters are all teacher ,


Next question is to you linda , it's from Gloria our sister , from all the way from Hawaii

She's callings in , hi hello Gloria hi your on my podcast really Gail you have a question for linda here yes I do gail

Linda when are you gonna come and visit me , Gail and John have came to see us , we just need you and Jeremy to come , Daniel and Mary are the last one to come and visit

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