Chapter six easter in texas

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Good morning folk it's Gail , we are in sunny forth worth Texas that we're I was raise at I'm up pretty up early I'm helping my sister and brother in law get the eggs ready for the Easter hunt

Tomorrow we are heading back to New York and then the following day we are having our own Easter with church and us our self John and I have a surprise for the kids when we get back home

Linda were do you want me to put the egg anywhere is fine Gail alright thank

It seem like every time we come to Texas John and I have something to do whenever we come to my sister house

Look Gail's is helping out linda while me and Jeremy are inside making breakfast for ours wife I hope Gail hasn't said that every time we come to Gail's sister house we have something to do.

Gail want me out there oh ok John can you tell linda breakfast is almost ready ok Jeremy I will

Hey , good morning John happy Easter what do you call this ?, John had a lightbulb this is a great chaplain John opportunity oh John plz becare i will linda don't worry

Where he's going , Gail had an idea of what John was doing oh and by the way linda Jeremy said that breakfast is almost ready oh alright take 5 Gail ok linda

Nice going sis , aww thank linda your beautiful amazing to be has a sister now let help out our husband ok linda

But first let's go wake up the kids alright , gabby , Ashley wake up , Joann , Anna wake up girl , Matthew , Jordan honey wake up mom it's too early

No it's 8:49 oh my can we just sleep In I'm a afraid not Jordan aww mom sorry Jordan I think your aunt Gail is right

Matthew woke up the minute we got in here gail , well me and John thought him to do that when we first got him really gail , yes

And get dress Jordan nicely there guest here the only guest I see is aunt Gail and uncle John , that what I mean Jordan

Your aunt Gail and uncle john are our guest for the day until they take off back to New York tonight

Well I had a hard time sleeping uncle john keep getting up at night I'm sure uncle John didn't mean to wake you up Jordan

And then aunt Gail and her terrible singing, aunt Gail has a lovely voice have you heard her sing in the bathroom mom

Hey don't talk about my mom like that Jordan , keep quiet Matthew your as worse has my uncle john

Don't mind that Matthew , Jordan knows his father will have a talk with him later , what your gonna tell dad ?, yes and be nice to your cousin Matthew

And the girl , plz why should I mom
Morning aunt Linda , morning Gabriella, hey gabby is Rodney looking for you again

Mom !!, Jordan mentioned Rodney again , what was that for ?, what is with you

I don't know maybe is because I'm a teenager now , Linda oh my gosh , Gail , Linda spot her sister from the bed

Gail, Jordan just call me linda , oh gosh what wrong gail I just remembered when nick called me and John , well gail and John!!!!

Don't let it bother you , who are you suppose to be the police aunt Gail , I may not be but your uncle John is Your little demon don't try to think that your gonna make us leave this Quickly

I'm not dumb , or maybe she is , I heard that now your gonna listen to your mother and say I love you to her and then apologize to gabby you little ....... Gail what going in here ?, said John

I was telling our nephew John , how wonderful Linda is have as a sister ok ?, anyway come Jordan it's time for breakfast ok uncle John

Aren't you coming gail ?, I'll be over in a while John , so John how works at the jail , it's doing great Jeremy thanks for asking

I had call like 15 people inside my office to give them bad new , oh my gosh !, how do you handle that every day John said Linda

Well linda I have been doing this for more then 10 year as a chaplain in the jail

Gail and I work together some time when it's her turn at the jail so she a part time , I mean full time chaplain for a week or two

Wow that is amazing John , you and Gail working at the same job yup I love it we see each more then we do when Gail at the school and I'm at the jail

Well wasn't it a while back Gail told me , that you were her aide for a while yea but that only because Manuel Silva quit

He did yup , but we are still friends Manuel actually help gail and Michelle dysart out for our musical

Mama , said gabby yes when we get back home and back to school next week , you know my friend Amelia , yes gabby she moving away she in mr raheb class isn't she

Yup , she moving back to Poland she was our exchange student is it ok if she comes over sure gabby

Isn't she the one who beat you In cheer gabby , Jordan what did I say

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