Chapter five day three last day in puerto rico

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Good morning y'all it's John, today is our last day on the ship we are heading to Texas for Easter and then heading back to home for have our own Easter

Next month , like you all known Gail family does a cinco de Mayo celebration every year we have went to every single year since we got married

Well even before we got married we we were dating we start to go gail mother , Mom , Mom , Gail great grandmother is from Mexico so they are gonna fly her to Texas to have the cinco de Mayo celebration

Gabby and I had a great time alone just father and daughter now ir me Gail and gabby and Ashley and Matthew

Here a flashback of yesterday vlog

Good morning y'all it's Gail , gabby is feeling a lot more better then she was yesterday she playing with Ashley the game that we made up last night if you haven't seen that vlog John and Ashlee and Matthew went to have a tour around the ship

Now today just John and gabby are going because gabby missed out on it

Flashback to yesterday vlog

Good morning folk , it's me John I woke up before the other , Gail is still a sleep we are on the cruise Gail sometime not all the time gets sea sick

But she hasn't lately , Gail is a strong women she can get though anything even if it's a flu she can get though it

I am so lucky to have a wife like gail no one else is beside me , I alway will remember the day I first met gail

It was at a school dance , and Linda my sister In law , said that her sister who name was gail, hint hint , was looking for a date to the school dance that week

Linda came up to me and said ," hey John are you still looking for a date to the school dance ?,"

And like an 17 year  remember gail is 3 year older then me , I said yes

Gail is one grade ahead of me she a senior I'm a junior

My sister gail , her date broke up with her and she is so devastated she was wanting to go to the school dance

And like a idiot I said I would like to take your sister to the school dance on Friday linda

And remember gail is three year older then I am linda said alright  I'll tell gail

It was later on that day at night  , my phone ring it was linda

I'd answer But It wasn't  linda it was gail
I answer she said is this John sayers

I said yes gail said hi this is gail Wolfe my sister linda told me that you would like to take me to the school dance

I just stood there , in shock  she said John are you there ?, I'm sorry gail I'm just really surprise I'm actually talk to you

Maybe we should get to together maybe tomorrow after school oh darn!  I said what John I have football game  tomorrow

I have cheerleading at the game tomorrow oh so we will both see each there

It's a date ! , it's a date !, good night John ? John Nelson , good night John good night gail

We hung up , I stood on the side of my bed just smiling I had a date to the school dance

The next morning

I was getting to class when some one called my name

John Nélson !, I thought it was linda but it was gail actually

Wow you seem a little shorter then what my sister described you as oh linda is full of surprise she sure is 

So I'll see you at the game tonight ok , I'll pick you up around 7 gail ok and then We can go to my place and have fun ok

Well see ya later , Johnny your such an idiot !!! I said to my self , I can hear gail head saying , Gail he's so cute , but I'm a senior he's a junior

Should I risk my life doing it , she gave me wave and a smile and I wave back and smile at gail she had long hair you think she had long hair before she cutted it she had even longer hair then that

Current time

Look who finally woke up it's my lovely wife Gail , good morning y'all  I was talk so much that I woke up gail

No you didn't John , the boat woke me up you could've  still told the story and I wouldn't known that you were telling the story

While the boat was moving gabby wasn't feeling so good , Gabriella are you ok , gabby was throwing up in the bathroom she was sea sick instead of Gail ,  maybe we should pass on the tour Today gail

No you and Ashley and Matthew go John I'll stay with gabby here ok come on kids ok feel better gabby thanks dad

What do you want to do pumpkin well what do you do when your sick mom ?, I play games , mother we don't have game

Ah you don't think we don't have any game we can make one up gabby ,

It's a mother and daughter test to see who known their partner the most I use to play this with your dad when we were younger after we were on our 5th date

Ok , let's get start and if you don't have this book you should get it you can play with your husband or even with kids if one is left out and is sick home

Here your book gabby , we write down what we think that our partner would say I'll go into my room mom ok

It's a good way to get to know your family later on today we will all play this who know the family the most

And side note , Whitney and I are working on costumes while I'm on this cruise with John and the rest of the fam

For our musical for next year hairspray

So me and Michelle excuse me are going back and forward texting idea for the kids

I got the perfect idea for Megan Benavidez daughter she can be the mother of Tracy I'm texting my friend Michelle while I'm writing down what I think gabby is gonna say

Ma I'm done so am I gabby , let's what is your mother favorite phrase oh come on John !!, this is what I put

Seriously John !, ok gabby since your father isn't here I want to show you something what mom , this is my diary

I wrote thing about your father in this thing , really really dark secret that I didn't know about him

Let me read it to you ok mom ,

My husband John Nelson Perez has a  half sister name Diane and has a adopted brother Jonathan who way younger then John

Current time

Well John and gabby are gone I'm in our room with Ashley and Matthew if you notice we don't have Edith or faith with us

Tomorrow is our last day on the cruise we are heading back to

End of yesterday vlog

Current time

We are heading to Texas now it's still kinda early in the morning we don't have to be in the early of Washington until later and then we have to get on a plane in la and then fly to Texas that will take a one day thing

So I'm gonna end it right here for now we will see y'all in a day or sooner

Good mornings

Sayer family out

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