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he was so annoying.

jeongguk found it it so goddamn difficult to concentrate when taehyung was practically kicking his chair. he doubted that he even knew his name.

he was probably known to him as 'the unfortunate sod who has the pleasure of getting his chair kicked by me for three whole fucking years.' and almost certainly wouldn't think twice about it.

the thing was, kim taehyung didn't give a shit. he didn't care if he got told off or got a detention or even suspended for that matter. he could pick his life back up in an instance. afterall, his mother was the governess of the school and one of the main funders of charity and social events that provided strong foundations for the school to thrive upon... the music and art department would be non existent without taehyung and his family. otherwise the school would have been broke years ago.

so taehyung continued. and as he continued, jeongguk began to get angrier and angrier and angrier. until...

"mrs thomas, please could i be moved." jeongguk gasped, exasperated.

mrs thomas turned around from where she was writing, concern written across her face.

taehyung stopped kicking the chair. jeongguk didn't have to turn around to feel the smirk on his perfect face.

"of course, jeongguk... are you alright sweetheart?"

"yes, miss, i just need a bit of space."

jeongguk smiled at her. he loved being called that- it made him feel special because mrs thomas never dared say 'sweetheart' to anyone else.

the teachers adored jeongguk. not only had he been moved up an entire year (as if that wasn't an achievement in itself.) he was practically the top of the class. he was always answering questions, handing in his homework early, getting more homework and projects to do voluntarily. he was never late, was always polite, enthusiastic and was everything you'd want in a student.

a golden boy.

taehyung on the other hand... was another story for another time.

speaking of which, jeongguk could feel two eyes boring into him from the back of his head when he got up to move, slinging his pink backpack over his shoulder; he shivered at the cold, foreign feeling, plopping himself down in an empty desk next to his other friend, kate.

"hey katekate?" gguk asked, avoiding taehyung's penetrative gaze.

"yes, ggukgguk?" kate whispered back, amused. kate was pretty. she had fiery red hair, piercing green eyes and cute little freckles peppered across her blushing apple cheeks. jeongguk called her art. she often blushed at that, but felt nothing of it if it was coming from jeongguk- she said she'd never date him because he's too much of a 'baby' apparently.

"is jessica actually pregnant?" the small boy squeaked.

kate snorted.

"did namjoon tell you that? poor sod. he needs a girlfriend. fast. and no, gguk she most certainly isn't pregnant, nor did taehyung fuck her. she was with me last night." kate giggled

"oh." jeongguk tried focusing his attention on back on the board, but the things that mrs thomas was writing on the board seemed all jumbled up like his current thoughts.

more so, the eyes that bore in to him were even stronger than before.

jeongguk turned around his head to face taehyung, who was staring intently back at him.

there was almost a... flash of recognition that washed across his features. as if he'd seen jeongguk somewhere, but then quickly looked away.

of course you've seen me somewhere, taehyung... you've seen me at the library.

this was getting stranger and stranger and stranger.



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