Chapter two puerto here we come

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Good morning y'all it's me John ,Gail , the kids , and I are getting ready to go on a family trip originally it was supposed to be just me and gail but Gail was think we have not taking a family vacation trip all together

Gail was not feeling good yesterday so she put her head down during the first half of the class

And then she felt a little better and then all of a sudden when Gail and I were gonna share a story she faded during the class and I got so mad at the nurse I went all out

But long story short gail got back to her old self me and Gail friend Diane did a short prayer we share what we loved about Gail

And that was my day y'all moving on

Gail cam

Good morning folk , as you can tell by the title of this vlog yes John the kids and I are going on a family trip on a cruise to Puerto Rico

Originally it was supposed to be just me and John in this cruise but one night I told John

And I say quote ! "John ! We have never ever took a family vacation together,"

This is what John had to say , Gail your right we have never ever been on a family trip together let's make that happen.

Since we were planning to go on the cruise trip just the two of us maybe we can make it as a family vacation for spring break yea we can do that John

Ok back to me , I am packing John stuff for this trip me and John always want to try zip lining and so we are going to do it for the first time

If I can a picture of John doing something ironic I will post it

John cam

I hope I didn't bored you with that story I just want to get it out of the way

Well we better we going now we have long day ahead of us

Gail ?, yes John ? , can I ask you one more thing before we leave yes John why are you so amazing and grateful ?, that a good question John that I would lovely to answer

Since I'm right next to you , that is the same thing that you and Diane said to me yesterday

And I thought it was the most sweetest thing I have ever had someone tell me before

Not from my own husband and my best friend but from other people

I know people are amazed at you gail I also know that their amazed at you too John

I know that they are gail they are so grateful that your my wife

And John they are are so grateful that your my husband aww I'm so glad that we have been married for 35 year,

no wait 37 year , excuse me my brain isn't working today

Image us like this gail , let's try it ok gabs come here really quick ok mom , can you see us like this ?, mom I have seen you dance more then that that is true

Our daughter is so smart John , I know she is gail , right ?

I know I'm gonna share this tomorrow guess that is the same day I met gail like 37 year ago

But I want to share it anyway

It was at a school dance , and Linda my sister In law , said that her sister who name was gail, hint hint , was looking for a date to the school dance that week

Linda came up to me and said ," hey John are you still looking for a date to the school dance ?,"

And like an 17 year remember gail is 3 year older then me , I said yes

Gail is one grade ahead of me she a senior I'm a junior

My sister gail , her date broke up with her and she is so devastated she was wanting to go to the school dance

And like a idiot I said I would like to take your sister to the school dance on Friday linda

And remember gail is three year older then I am linda said alright I'll tell gail

It was later on that day after school , my phone ring it was linda

I'd answer But It wasn't linda it was gail I answer she said is this John sayers I said yes gail said hi this is gail Wolfe my sister linda told me that you would like to take me to the school dance

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