The boy walked across the room and leaned on the fireplace, he sighed.

"The fire is dying." He said to himself.

I stayed quiet as he seemed to be outwardly ignoring me.

"There is no need for you to be scared."

He said.

I stood up out of the bed and adjusted my denim mini skirt and pulled my leggings

down at the bottom. He turned around and looked at me aloofly. I bit my bottom lip.

I saw my Hello Kitty backpack sitting on the table besides the bed.I picked up my

backpack and walked towards him. I was drawn to him. I couldn't help wanting to

be near him. I felt my hand reaching out towards him without my concent. And

gently placing itself on his shoulder. He winced as it touched him, and I instantly 

drew it back to myself. 

"Who are you?"

I asked quietly.

"Charlie Edwards."

He said breathing in.

"I'm Elenore."

He turned around to look at me. But I still didn't see his eyes. I held my hand out

for him to shake but instead he took it softly in his own and leaned over and gently

kissed it.

"Nice to meet you Elenore."  

I shivered slightly when he said my name. I smiled out of politeness.

"Are you all alone here?"

I asked begining to feel more comfortable around him. He frowned and nodded his

head yes.

"My Parents are out of town."

He said.

I nodded my head.

He smiled. He had a crooked smiled that was so charming and alluring.

"Want to see something neat?"

He asked.

I shook my head yes. However I was afraid of what was going to be shown to me.

Charlie held out his hand to me and I took it willingly. He lead me out the room and

down the flight of stairs into a parlor. He dropped my hand and left me in the middle

of the room. The room was lit up and I felt a bit relaxed. Until he turned out the light

behind us. I stopped. I felt my body tense up again and I quivered. Oh god he's

going to kill me. I breathed in deepl and whimpered in the dark. I felt his breath on

my neck and the sound of a match being struck. A candle was lit and he blew out

the match. His stood  close behind me.

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