Chapter Two

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Chapter Two: The First Meeting

I woke up in a room lit only by candles. I felt groggy. I rubbed my eyes and looked

around. I was laying on a canopy bed with beautiful royal blue tufted satin sheets.

They were warm and felt almost like they were hugging me. I felt so comfortable

that I did not even think about how I had gotten there. I looked at a large clock on

the wall. The hands indicated that it was 12:05. I felt my eyelids grow heavy and I

began to drift off to sleep before I shook myself awake. The room was beautiful

from what I could see. Everything was ornate. There was even a huge off white fire

place with a fire burning and keeping the cold as far away from me as possible.

I turned around in the bed and saw a boy sitting crouching the other way. He had

his hand was proping his head up and he was writing in a Journal. I groaned a bit.

The boy turned around and jumped up when he saw I was awake. I jumped up out

of the bed. I was ready to run away. I took two steps and my legs gave out on me. 

I toppled over and almost hit the floor but I grabbed the bed post.  

The boy rushed over and helped me back on the bed. I winced as he touched me. I

was afraid of him. He reached out and held my arm as he lifted me back onto the

bed. As his hands touched me I felt shivers run from my arm all the way down to my

toes. I almost sighed but I held my breath in. His touch was so diffrent and soft. I

shuttered at his touched and I could see the side of his mouth turn upwards into a

smile. He was wearing a fitted cap and I couldn't see his eyes.

"Where am I? Why am I so dizzy? WHO ARE YOU?"  

I asked. As soon as the dreamyness from his touch had fadded.

"I think I should be asking you questions considering you are in MY house."  

The boy said back. His voice was deep and smooth.

I couldn't see him very well his face was out of focus for me.

I leaned against the bed.

"This couldn't be your house, it has been abadoned for seventy years."

I said.

"Obviously not because I'm living in it. And what were you even doing trying to

break into my house. How rude of you. And then questioning me."

He said, his voice sounded annoyed and he reached into his pocket and pulled out a

ciggarette case. He lit one up and blew smoke into the air. He remaind silent for

about five minuetes. I decided to break the silence.

"Honestly, I am scared."

I said.

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