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~Part 1 | Section 8~

"So do you think they will participate?"

I grabbed the bowl of dares from the kitchen table. "They fucking better or else this plan will go completely down the drain."

Cindy squealed right when I reached for the door and I snapped my neck at her. She covered her mouth and then laughed. "I don't know why I just did that but I'm just so excited for you to get your-"

"Don't talk about it. I'm regretting it as we speak and I don't want to turn back now."

She pretended to zip her lips shut and throw away the key. I just shook my head and walked outside. My father and his friends were in my way so I had no choice but to ask to be excused. They tried speaking to me but I ignored them.

My focus was on the group of young adults. One side was where Aaliyah was with the girls and the other side was where Gai was with his boys but he ditched them for that girl he flirted with at the hammock.

"Alright friends of Aaliyah and Gael listen up!" Cindy got everyone's attention. "I want everyone to gather in a circle because we are about to spice this party up bitches!"

Everyone cheered while my father and his friends briefly looked over for a moment before going back to their man talk. Cindy motioned everyone to gather and many of them did, creating a big circle.

"What's going on?" Aaliyah asked.

Cindy took the bowl of dares out of my hand. "We are going to spin a bottle and whoever the bottle lands on will have to choose a dare from this bowl. If the dare requires two people, the unlucky bitch that got picked has to spin for another unlucky bitch to share their fate. We will keep playing until we run out of dares." Chatter emerged within the circle. Cindy looked at everyone with a rather cynical smile. "So, are you all in?"

"Uh, I kind of have to go home and feed my cat. That bitch could die."

"And I have to go make dinner for my wife and kids."

"Dude, you have no wife and kids."

A few more people came up with excuses and said their goodbyes before they left but we still had a good amount of people to play the game so I was very satisfied. Cindy, on the other hand, was not. "You male balls! I would call you pussies but we all know pussies are way tougher than you bitches give them credit for!" They just ignored her and left. She sighed and then turned to the rest of the group. "Shall we pussies begin?"

I looked on both sides of me and on one side there was Cindy and on my other side there was another girl but for that plan to work I needed to stand by a guy, preferably a cute one. I looked at the guy that stood next to the girl and luckily he looked at me with a smile. I motioned him to come towards me and he did.

I smiled and said, "Hell yeah, let's do this."

Cindy snatched the bottle out the guy next to her hand and threw the rest of the contents out of the bottle before she threw her hands in the air and screamed. A few people joined along but the guy next to me tapped my shoulder and leaned in close to whisper.

"Aye, what's your name?" He asked.

"Milo and you?"

He smiled. "Georgio."

Georgio was cute. He had short curly hair and nice pink lips and even a nice smile but the truth of the matter was that I was only being nice to him because he was going to be apart of my plan to destroy the party. Little did he know, that I was the spawn of Satan himself and I was using and manipulating him to perform my will. We all sat down and when we did, the game began. The first spin landed on Gai of all people.

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