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~Part 1 | Section 7~

It seemed like Cindy was more of a distraction than I bargained for but maybe she was more than that. It became clear to me that she wasn't just a distraction or an easy way out but in those ten days, she became my friend. We were like best friends, I suppose.

We spent most of our days together doing absolutely everything to doing absolutely nothing at all. From biking, swimming, shopping, partying to sleeping at her house together, eating dinner with a horror film playing, reading in her air-conditioned home or even just lying under the blazing sun to stare up at the white puffy clouds as we watched them turn into stars in a matter of minutes.

Wherever Cindy went, I went and vice versa. I even waited outside her job for her to get off work one afternoon so we could go to my house together for some M and C time.

As we walked together, sweat rolled down my skin and slipped into rather uncomfortable places. The people we passed were silent and only a few waved as they downed probably their 10th bottled of water. I was pretty thirsty myself and only had a good drop of water left but luckily we were only a few steps away from my house.

When I got in, the strings belonging to balloons caressed my face and then out of nowhere, Aaliyah and Gael popped out screaming, "Surprise!"

"What the hell?" I questioned.

"Oh, we thought you were your dad."

"Aaliyah, what the hell is going on?"

"Gael and I decided to plan a surprise for dad's birthday."

A surprise for my father on his birthday was unheard of. In the years Aaliyah and I had spent together, she never came up to me with the idea of surprising my father on his birthday or even decorating the place in colorful tissue paper, balloons, and banners so to find out that her and Gael, out of all people, planned that together, annoyed me.

I couldn't even look at her because I was too busy staring at all the extra ass decorations they had around the house. Suddenly, the door creaked open and Gael and Aaliyah screamed surprise at my father.

"Woah, what's all this?" My father asked as he hugged Aaliyah.

"We wanted to do something special for your birthday and thought that you would like a surprise."

"We? You and Gael?"

I couldn't help but roll my eyes at that over exaggerated sound of surprise in his voice. He already knew the answer to that question. Aaliyah, not wanting to hurt my feelings, nodded her head.

I watched as my father hugged Gael and as he hugged him he looked directly at me. His eyes told me that Gael was his son and that he was who I was being replaced with. I couldn't take my eyes off them even when I tried. If it wasn't for Cindy grabbing my hand, I don't think I would have ever escaped that torture.

"Maybe we should go up to your room now," Cindy whispered.


As my father conversed with Aaliyah and Gael, who ended up taking him into the kitchen, Cindy and I went up to my room and just sat in front of my fan together. My leg was shaking but soon stopped when Cindy placed her hand on my knee. My eyes meet hers.

"You okay?"

"I'm fine."

We just sat there, in silence for a while and then Cindy suggested that we read together and so we did. Half an hour had passed and I started to hear music and people laughing outside. What was going on? I wondered. I closed the book and motioned my head to tell Cindy to follow me to my window. When I pulled back the curtains, I saw my father outside with Aaliyah and Gael and a bunch of other people.

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