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~Section 1 | Part 5~

Even with my windows down, I could smell the sourness coming from my shoes. It was strong, pungent and acrid. It smelled like chewed up hotdogs and thick sticky spit that just hung from a person's lip after they spat. Every time I took a breath; I could feel it burning my chest and I could feel my tiny nose hairs curl up.

Once I got to the beach, I immediately ditched my car and took my shoes off. I walked onto the warm, dry sand that slipped through my toes and massaged my feet from all the stress it had been through that day.

As I walked to the water, I started to take off my clothes until I was completely naked and then I went in for a quick swim. The water was cold but not too cold and it was just enough to relax my body; I was becoming one with the water. It felt like my body was being completely cleansed and the things that held me down on the land was being held down by the water who showed my problems what it felt like to be under pressure.

When I came out, I came out with a clear mind and soul. I actually smiled. I let the wind dry my body off for a moment before I put back on my clothes and then I just sat down. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and then I picked it up to check for the sudden action.

It was my father telling me to pick up my damn phone in all caps. I had eight missed calls from him. I knew it was going to bad and I knew he was going to make me mad all over again but I would have rather dealt with it over the phone then dealt with it in person because things never went well when we argued in person. I pulled up my father's contact name, David, to be disrespectful and called him with a press of a button.

In the middle of the first ring, he answered. How rude of him to interrupt it like that.

"Miles! Where the hell are you?" I didn't bother with saying anything because he was just going to cut me off anyway like he always did. "I can't believe you left your sister at the park, in the dark, alone! Are you out of your damn mind? And then you have a drunk Gael over here who did everything in his power to make sure your sister got home safely! Aaliyah told me everything that went down! Gael is our guest, you treat him with the utmost respect, do you hear me? And you-"

I blacked out. All I could hear at that moment was that I was a disappointment, that I was a failure and most importantly, that Gael was better than me and that blood didn't matter when it came down to me because I was not his son and never was going to be.

"Miles! Do you hear me?"

"Yea," and then I hung up.

That beach, the place where I sat and just stared out at the water was where my mother and I would come to over the summer a lot. I remembered us making sandcastles together, eating ice cream, jumping in the storm of waves, running away from Aaliyah who was always it and I remembered her coming to my aid when I hurt myself on a piece of glass. I just wished she was there to pull out the piece of glass my father shot right back into my heart after I spent some time taking it out.

I missed my mother.

She was always there for me, through thick and thin and I was always there for her. Her hugs were warmer than the sand I sat on, her kisses wetter than the water I swam in, her breath was more gentle than the summer breeze and her love was better than what the world could have offered me.

Maybe that's why it took her away from me.

She was never coming back and the thought of it made my lips quiver, my eyes burn and my throat tight. I promised myself that I would never cry again but there I was, crying like it was going to bring my mother back. I used to think that maybe if I cried hard enough, that the world would feel bad and give back what it stole from me!

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