Death and it's many friends.

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My head was held low and I pulled my hood down as I pushed past the bustling crowd. It was a dark and rainy day and the little light that was left behind the clouds was quickly diminishing. I could see the flash of the sirens and could hear the police attempt to herd people along, claiming that there was nothing to see. I made it to the front of the crowd where the gasps from shocked people were loud. The police tape held everyone back, and I fought to not get sucked into the back of the crowd. 

A man lie on the road, blood gushing from his left arm. His forehead had a long gash above his right eye, and he didn’t move. Police men continued to yell at the crowd to go home, but were paid no heed. I could hear the doctor from the ambulance exclaim to the cop next to him that he could find no pulse. The cop sighed heavily and sprung up from his crouched place on the ground.

I felt an elbow jab into my side, making an audible clinking noise. I quickly looked around to see if anyone had noticed, but the noise of the murmuring crowd must have over shadowed it. I sighed in relief and turned my attention back to the dead man who had been hit by a bus. They loaded him on a stretcher and into the ambulance. I tuned all the noise around me out and focused on the ambulance driver and cop who were talking in hushed tones.

“Yes… I suppose we should take him to the hospital, but there is no chance of him being revived…” The driver spoke. The cop shoved his hands into his pockets and spit on the ground to his left, away from the driver.

“Shit. Well, we should scan some fingerprints and find some identification…then we can alert his family. Go ahead and take the John Doe outta here.” They both nodded to each other and the ambulance driver returned to his truck as the cop trudged in the opposite direction to his own car. The rain began to grow heavier, and the last bit of day light was long gone. 

I pushed my way back through the crowd, pleased to find they were much more accommodating if you were leaving- not pushing yourself to the front. The normally busy, fast track road was jammed in traffic and people blazed their car horns in ignorance. I scoffed at their stupidity. 

My long coat was soaked and I pulled off the hood of my jacket underneath, allowing my light brown hair to cascade around my shoulders. My bright blue eyes shone under the street lights as I smirked. Time to get to business. 

I went down the ally of a large business building and threw wooden crates out of my way from the brick wall. The ally stunk of rotten food and gasoline. Glass was shattered on the ground, and it was almost completely pitch black. I reached over and carefully removed four bricks from the walls, setting them down on the garbage bin next to me. I reached my arm in until the wall was touching the socket of my shoulder. I could feel cold steel touch my finger tips and I latched my hand on it. I slowly pulled it out, revealing a black 32 caliber Rimfire. I pushed aside my coat to place the hand gun in it’s hostler. I made sure my jacket completely covered it and set off towards the Slightsville Family Hospital where my next target was located. 

This would be a long night.

My ear piece beeped and I reached a hand up to click the receiver. 

“Has the assignment been completed?” I gruff males voice flooded my ear.

“No, I’m half way through. I should be back in another hour no problem.” My soft voice replied back. I always hated my voice and the fact that it was so weak sounding. It also caused a lot of confusion over the phone when I tell the solicitors that I am indeed Andy Argitlion- not her daughter.

“Well hurry and get it done. We have everything set up and we are all waiting on you.” I rolled my eyes.

“I saw that! Don’t make me reassign you, Andria!” He demanded, using my full name for added emphases. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes again.

“Yes, yes. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a job to complete.”

“Don’t get to drenched in that rain- wouldn’t want you to short circuit.” He replied, amusement coating his voice. I scoffed.

“Goodbye Marty!” I said angrily, hanging up on him. Although…he was partially right. I did have some…metal body parts.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t lose a limb or anything. No arms or legs are missing, nor are any of my internal organs. But not to long ago, I did lose one thing.

My life.


So??? Should I continue with the story??? I know it’s very vague, but still I don’t want to write out several chapters and then have it unread. SO COMMENT! Cause I need to know, haha! 

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