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Marriage on Weekend's 2

Dinner finish, Karan helping Tripura in kitchen chores, he observe her since evening, she lost in her thoughts, he ask her many times but she ignored him, he wants to be with her in all the way, but sometimes she behaves with him like, he is a stranger for her, sometimes she become his soulmate, he always share everything with her, but she still uncomfortable with him, after that incident, she never complained about anything to him, he try himself to be with her more then she think, he look her, she finish her work, & put a coffee pan on stove, she turns to him & ask with smile..

Tripura- coffee?

Karan smiles & shook his head in yes..

Tripura start to making coffee for both of them..

Karan comes behind her & start to massage her shoulders, she look back once to him with smile, he exchange the smile & ask to her..

Karan- tomorrow can go for movie!

Tripura look him once back & says- nahh! We both meet only on weekend, & you want to go for movie, cancel it, you go for movie with friends or Maa & Sherry..

Karan- yeah but they never hold my hand while watching movie..

Tripura smile, her coffee ready & she fill in mugs, she picks both mugs in her hand & they both come out from kitchen, Karan off the lights of kitchen, they both sit on floor in their flat attached balcony, Karan gives a side hugged to Tripura, she keep her head on his chest, he caressing her arm sometimes, sometimes he making circles on her arm, she feel warm in his hugged, she listen his heartbeats with smile..

Karan look her smile & ask- why are you smiling?

Tripura up her face to him, she kiss on his chin with smile & says- nothing, it's just between me & your heart..

Karan hold her possessively in his warm hugged & says- ohh I see..

Tripura smile & wrap her both hands around his waist, he kiss her head & ask- what's bothering you, tell me?

Tripura lose her hands grips & look him up, he look her & he blink his eyes, she wants to get up but his hold on her is tight, unwilling she sit quiet..

Karan start to taking long deep breaths, he sip his coffee & says- do you really think, our relationship is not working..

Tripura cut him quick- no, it's not what you think..

Karan- before I assume other things, tell me, what's bothering you..

Tripura gaps the breath between her words- I'm thinking about abortion!

Karan lose his grips from her arms, she knows his reaction & she knows, when she telling him about abortion, he ask her another question, & for that she is not ready..

Karan hold her both hands & ask- are you pregnant?

Tears roll down from her eyes..

Karan understand her behind tears story, he ask her another question, which is valid for the situation- which week? When you confirm it?

Tripura control her tears, she looking to floor & says- it's fourth week, Wednesday I knew it, by office medical reports, I confirm through another clinic too, & it's confirmed I'm pregnant..

Karan turn his face to other side for moment, again he looks her, she looks ground in guilt, he touch her chin, & up her face to him, her eyelids still down, he says- look at me..

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