Chapter 2

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It's been a couple of days since I received my "awesome" gift from my mother, and well I'm kinda okay with it, the gift, I mean.

As I go outside to collect the newspaper, I see that we have mail.

I walk over to the mailbox and take the mail.

Hmm... a magazine for mum, monthly bills, and what... a letter for me?!

Wow! That's a first.

I walk into the house and see my mother sitting at the dining table with her morning coffee.

"Here's the paper mum. Oh, and the bills, and that magazine you subscribed for last week" I said, handing over everything but the letter for me

"Thank you, darling. Hey, what do you have there?"

"I have no idea!"

"Open it, darling"

As I open the letter, this is what I see.

Ms. Natalie Sylvester

No. 4 Darlington Road

New York City

Dear Ms. Sylvester,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been given a place in Fly High, a high school for students who have magical powers.

Term begins on the 3rd of August. We await your confirmatory letter by no later than the 1st of July.

We cannot wait to see you in Fly High.

Yours sincerely,

Danielle Grayling


As I read the letter out to my mother, I could see her face brightening up too.

"Mum, can I go? Pretty please?" I ask, putting on my most adorable puppy-dog face

"Hmmm... I don't see why not. However, we need to ask your father, He'll be back from Canada in 2 hours" replied mum, looking just as excited as I feel!

Yes! I know my dad won't say no to me, so I'm going to Fly High!

Okay, I've gotta go now and write a confirmatory letter. Weee!

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