Chäptër Thïrty

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Dominic's P.O.V (Surprise!!!)

I hurried after Cayden with my heart racing. I still couldn't get my head wrapped all the way around our situation and the blurs of movement passing by me, only made my head spin faster.

I slowed down enough to wrap an arm around Faiths shoulders while trying to hurry her faster. Tears streamed down her cheeks and I had to restrain myself from wiping them away myself.

Eva. My poor Eva, please don't give up on me. I had recently become addicted to her sweet smile and shy eyes. The way she chewed her lip when nervous and her habit of running her hands through her hair when stressed.

I couldn't lose her, not now. We had finally made it to the camp and the imbeciles had decided to attack without even waiting for an introduction.

I shook my head and Faith's small whimper pulled my eyes over towards her. She gripped at my hand and huddled closer to me as the we neared a tent, her bloodshot eyes pooling with more tears as she took in the blood that coated Eva's entire being and most of Cayden's arms and hands.

I pulled her against my being and shielded her eyes, not letting her see her friend in such a vulnerable state.

She followed my hands guidance and cuddled against my chest, her arms curled beneath her.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

The sound of my brothers thundering voice pulled my gaze away from Faith's fiery hair and over towards Yvette. A bitter taste instantly filled my mouth. I had hoped years ago that I would never have to see her again. But of course, here I was.

My hold on Faith tightened as I stepped inside the tent flaps and let them fall closed behind us, sealing us from the rest of the camps prying eyes.

Yvette's gaze shot towards me and back to my brother with a wicked smirk. "Oh... The Thorn brothers... How I've missed you both."

The bile turned even more bitter in my mouth and I saw Cayden's shoulders tense against the memories that we're no doubt swarming his conscious.

"We wish we could say the same. Move from our path." He snarled, his body seeming to grow in intimidation. Even I felt a little intimidated.

My shoulders straightened anyways against my brothers threat and I pushed Faith back against me when she tried to peek through my arms.

Yvette pursed her ruby lips and sighed dramatically before grabbing a lock of her raven hair and twirling it around her forefinger.
"You see... I really wish I could...But," she stepped forward and any previous innocence from her facade fell instantly, replacing itself with utmost intensity and deadly precision. "I have plans for the girl. And you two are--for once--not involved."

Her smooth and pouty voice ran over my ears like oil and goosebumps raised on my skin. I pushed Faith behind me as my protective side kicked in, my mind set on only protecting the two girls.

Cayden stepped forward and growled dangerously as well, his thoughts seeming to mirror mine.
"You leave Eva alone, she's not in this."

"Oh, I remember when you used to protect me like that. Mmm... Such good times. But alas, she is in this. If for no other reason than because I said so."

Cayden moved to blow past her but instantly froze when her hand flew up and a translucent wall of energy separated him from the table and medical supplies. Eva groaned and squeezed her eyes closed against the growing pain. She couldn't have much blood left, I needed to get to her.

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