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Hi guys long time no seeing
I feel so detached from the fandom but I'm still here supporting the boys!!
After years people are still reading this story and I can't lie, this is still my baby!!!
I just finished university LMAO I ended up moving to England so a lot of my dreams came true and I couldn't be happier.

Reality is my English also improved and I know there's a lot of mistakes in this book that need to be fixed (but like????!!!! It won't happen) as well as just weird mistakes in the plot that a 15 y/o like me would never notice

I want to actually publish a book! And I'm thinking of using the plot of this fanfic. Same plot, different characters and a lot of improvements !!! This will take time and idek if I will have the will to publish it for real but I want to leave this note here for the people who supported me so much and still do by reading this book in freaking 2019
If it ever happens I will make sure to announce it here ahaha

Shameless promo here's my ig maryanne_blue as well as my work phmaryanne_blue
And I want to thank you all once again for the comments and votes I still get even if I'm not active anymore
I lived the best years in this fandom miss them so much but I also grew up with it and life happens !!!

Best wishes everyone

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