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korean 101

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korean dictionary -> 국어사전

나는 젊은 남자는 왕 다윗이처럼 이스라엘의 왼손잡이지만 양손 나는 그러나 많은 사람들이 내가 생각하는 때로는 나 때문에 berk 사람처럼 보이는 솔직히광 내가 난치성, 완고하고 어떤 비즈니스맨 합니다. 나는 3일에서 태어난 가족 5명을 raynald는 첫번째 태어난 뒤에 elaisha 뒤에 존 Francis 뒤에 큰 용산국제학교 Myself ( 기독교), 그리고 rhianna. 그러나 나를 알고 나면 진짜 nabby는 컴퓨터와 originallity. ->

i am a young man just like king David of Israel. i am ambidextrous but many people think that i am a berk because sometimes i look like a nerd to be honest i am intractable, obstinate and unglamorous to something.

i am the 3rd born from the family of five. the first born is Raynald, followed by Elaisha, followed by john Francis followed by the big biss myself (christian) then and then Rhianna.

but you know me, i am real nabby when it comes to computer and its originallity.

i am enrolled in Colegio San Jose De Alaminos in Pangasinan. i am learning new things in here and life keeps Rollin.i am earning some pennies to buy what i want, it comes with a prize. i live my life to the fullest and there is just one only person whom i want to raise for my success, the lord that is serve is awesome god and without him everything is a misery, from shame to fame he had made me thrieve.    

난 사람들처럼 나를 사랑하는 척할 것입니다. 나를 사랑하는 사람들이기 때문에 말이 나를 두고 있는 채널에서 대피한 상태를. 나의 주된 꿈은 심리학자. 내가 무슨 말을하거나 높은 박사학위를 받았습니다

i dont like people who pretend to love me. i love people but that has to come to an end because it really puts me in a channel of being in the state of a conundrum. my main dream is to be a psychologist one day. i mean to own a doctorate or higher.

my superpowers:
i am loving, caring, humble, eccentric, kinky, spontaneous,with a sense of humor of grand statue.

writing, learning korean,japanese,french, australian,reading,poetry, motivating.

나: 나는 강대국 사랑과 관심, 겸손해지고, 괴짜, 변태적인, 자발적으로, 유머 감각은 그랜드오십니다. 글을 쓰고, 관심을 배우고, 일본, 프랑스, 호주, 독서, 시, 동기유발 작용했습니다.

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