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"i'm telling you jimin, i swear-" jeongguk started, watching with wide eyes as his best friend bought up a chubby little finger to shush him. 

"oh sod off, do you really expect me to believe that kim fucking taehyung of all the people in this goddamn school went to the library yesterday to take 'peppa pig: dentist trip' out?! do you think i'm thick, jeongguk?!  are you high or something because if you are, goddamit what did i tell y-?" jimin rambled.

"of course he isn't high, because if he was, he'd be ten feet under the ground right now." jin butted in, slurping his spaghetti bolognese extra loudly. it was probably to piss everyone off- mind you, it was working.

"i doubt gguk even knows what weed is, jimin." yoongi offered, before going back to staring at his phone in boredom.

jeongguk was getting a little more than frustrated now. his chubby little cheeks tinged crimson in anger because none of his hyungs were taking him seriously.

they never did.

"i-i do!" jeongguk said, offended that they were treating him like a baby; then again there was nothing new there.

"man, i wish kim taehyung would notice me..." hoseok trailed, staring into space dreamily.

yoongi whacked him.

"i'm right here, jung hoseok, have you no shame?" yoongi spat; and though he showed little emotion, jeongguk spied a flash of jealousy in the older's face.

"eh, sorry, babe." hoseok said nonchalantly, draping a long arm over yoongi's chair.

the boys were sat in the cafeteria, somewhat peacefully enjoying their lunch (well trying to, it was rather difficult when you had year sevens screaming down your ear) when namjoon plopped himself down on the table.

"pft, guys, did you hear?" he asked, smirking.

jeongguk was starting to get a headache from all of the shouting. he honestly couldn't be bothered to listen in anymore, so he tried blocking them out.

and failed.

because a certain captain of the swim team's name was mentioned.

"taehyung fucked jessica and got her preggers."

jeongguk choked on his banana milk.

jimin, jin and hoseok gasped.

namjoon shrugged his shoulders... and yoongi... well, yoongi looked up from his phone.

yoongi never looked up from his phone.

"well shag the fucking vicar!" hoseok exclaimed.

"he what?" jimin shouted. people were starting to stare at them now. yet jeongguk knew there was absolutely no point in trying to calm them down; it would only have make them shout even louder.

"she's pregnant?! holy mother of sweet baby jesu-"

"namjoon stop making bullshit up for attention," yoongi grumbled. "he can take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut for all i care."

jimin clutched his stomach, a rather weak attempt at controlling his laughter.

"i can't- i can't- i can't-" jimin gasped.

"you can't what?!" jin exclaimed.

"breeeeeatheeeeeeee!" jimin laughed, nearly falling off his stool.

jeongguk couldn't breathe either.

"man, he's so brave. i can barely talk to samantha."

"piss off namjoon, you're probably just spreading rumors around because samantha didn't return your handshake at her aunt's funeral last weekend." yoongi smirked.

joon opened his mouth up to speak but was interrupted.

"w-when was this?" jeongguk choked out.

the boys looked at him wearily.

"well, taehyung told me they fucked last night." namjoon said.

that was strange.

"l-last night was... tuesday." the tiny boy managed.

"yeah?" jimin tilted his head lightly, trying to read jeongguk.

the world suddenly seemed very small.

"jeongguk, are you alrigh-" jimin started, worry painted across his features.

but jeongguk had already left the table.

he was confused more than anything.

because yesterday was tuesday night.

and taehyung most certainly wasn't fucking some girl.

no, kim taehyung was at the library.


what even is this book

year7 is basically the first year you start british secondary school guys, they are often renound for being annoying, extremely loud and being unnecessarily enthusiastic about school.

I'm speaking from goddamn experience bc we've all been there and done that.

Ily all,

-varsha 💙

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