Painter 12| Fight

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The next day she got dressed in a white top that sat under the black sweater, that was tucked into her black ripped jeans. She wore black ankle socks and shoved on a pair of converse. Her wand was tucked into her pocket with hair hair up in a ponytail. She grabbed her broom and saw that everyone was waiting for her.

 She grabbed her broom and saw that everyone was waiting for her

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They started to fly to Forks talking about a plan, on how to do this. She told them to do anything as long as they destroy the vampires. She told them the ones that are red eyed is the only one you kill.

When the got there they stopped and watched the fight going on and the wolves going in on it. Miracle looked over at the cliff to see Edward and Seth dealing with Riley and Victoria.

She took out her wand and held onto her broom with her left hand as the others did the same thing. "Get ready." Miracle yelled, watching as more newborns flooded in. "Now!" She said flying in "expelliarmus!" She yelled making a light blue laser come out of her wand. She stopped causing the others to stop as the newborns looked up at them, snarling at them. The Cullens and the pack stopped and looked towards the newborns to see Miracle on her broom with her friends.

"The wizards have came into the fight." The twins said joking but then turned serious. "Expelliarmus!" The six of them yelled making some of the newborns explode, the Cullens and the wolves joined in.

"Stay here Bella needs my help!" Miracle yelled to her friends and went to the cliff.

"Hey hope you could use an extra pair of hands." Miracle said smirking as Victoria and Riley saw her on her broom.

They attacked her and she kept hitting them, "Victoria!" Riley yelled being dragged away by Seth.

"You won't get another change again." Edward yelled. "After all I turned him into ash."

She ran at Edward causing Miracle to jump of her broom and go in front of him. "Expecto patronum." Miracle yelled as a blue light came out of her wand. Everyone down below setting the newborns on fire looked up and saw the light.

"She used the spell!" Ron said laughing.

Victoria burst into pieces while Seth set Riley on fire he looked over and saw Miracle kill the redhead, and damn did she look hot. Miracle took her broom and smiled.

As she flew back down towards the ground her friends pulled her in for a group hug. Laughing and joking around.

The pack looked over and saw her, the Cullens also gathered around.

"Who's these guys?" Alice asked.

"Oh guys these are my best friends Ron Weasley and his older twin brothers Fred and George Weasley, This is Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. Guys these are the Cullens and the I already told you about the pack and you know there names so I don't need to explain." She said smiling as they greeted each other.

"They're coming." Alice said.

"When?" Carlisle asked.

"About ten minutes." She told him.

"The Volturi won't honour a truce with the wolves or the wizards you have to get out of here." Carlisle explained.

"Leah don't!" Edward yelled making Miracles head snap towards the newborn she attacked, then Jacob managed to grab him and get hurt. Sam and Paul kill the newborn and shifted back with the rest.

"Jacob!" Bella yelled running over, with Miracle.

The pack ran out and looked at Jacob as Sam bent down.

"Jacob you idiot I had it!" Leah said frustrated.

"Leah!" Sam said making her shut up.

"The bones on his right side are shattered." Carlisle explains to Sam.

"We'll take him back to Billy's." He said nodding to Carlisle.

"I'll be there when I can." Carlisle said stepping over to his wife and kids.

"Easy." Sam explains as the pack lifted Jacob up as he groaned in pain. "We've got ya Jacob." Paul said.

The wizards follow Miracle as she got on her broom.

"Poor Jacob." Hermione said upset.

"Don't worry mione he's a brave wolf." Miracle explains happily.

"He sure is!" They all jokes and reached Billy's house hopping off as they saw Carlisle already here. The wizards stood on one side and Miracle looked like she had an idea.

"Miracle don't even think about it." She looked at Harry.

"But it could heal him quicker." Making the wolves and Billy tune in and listen to the girl.

"She's right Harry, remember Miracle isn't like us she's got more powers! She could use her healing magic!" Hermione exclaims happily.

"She almost killed herself last time!" Ron said, agreeing with Harry.

"You almost killed yourself?" Paul said slowly, she turned around "shit." She mumbled.

"No, yes well maybe but it was for a good reason!" Miracle says happily.

"It wasn't you almost killed yourself healing BuckBeak." Harry explains.

"BuckBeak?" Seth asks.

"He's a bird type thing maybe." George tries to explain as best as he could.

The wolves sighed and gave their mate a look that she'll be dealt with later.

Carlisle and Sam came out and offered the five to stay at their place for a little they agreed and went into his car. Bella had shown up and Miracle hadn't noticed this whole time by bickering with her friends.

The wolves were talking to Sam and when Sam gave her a look, she was in trouble now. Wow thanks guys she thought now she was going to be punished.

Bella left and everyone was leaving but before Miracle could leave Sam called out to her making her groan and look at them, they looked kind of pissed.

"Hey guys how's it going." She said laughing nervously.

Sam bent down to meet her eyes. "You've had a long day but we will deal with this tomorrow Pup." He said picking her up, she looked for a her broom, damn you Hermione!

Once they got to their place the pack changed her and set the half conscious girl in bed kissing her forehead.

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