In Action

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"It's been three days now, are you really going to hold out on me?" Gavin asked as he glared at me from his position by the table in the garden, while I sat a few feet away on the grass trying to regain my meditative state.

"I'm trying to meditate, what do you want." I asked, eyes closed and breathing deeply.

"I want to know when this is going to stop, I am a man and I have needs too, as my mate you should cater to some of them." He came around to stand in front of me.

"Listen why don't you join me, you seem a lot more tense than I am." I suggested as I opened my eyes and stood up slowly stretching, raising my arms up to the sky.

"Men, don't do yoga." Gavin huffed crossing his arms.

"Then go away, I'm trying to relieve my stress and you're adding to it." I sat with my legs underneath me before leaning foreword into the 'child pose' before steadily making my way up to 'downward facing dog' position.

"I think I'll stay and watch, I might learn something you know" He took a seat across from me on the grass and became silent.


I sat in the corner of the living room reading a book I found in the small Library. I heard the front door open then close as someone entered and made their way into the house. I looked up to see Erica smiling with and walking with a purpose with her hands in her pockets. I knew for a fact by that look she was up to something. I kept quiet till she was gone before I made my way the training room in the basement.

"Atesh!" I called out as I held on to the railing taking one step at a time to keep my balance as I went down the stairs.

The sound of grunts, flesh hitting flesh, and laughing paused for a moment before I heard his voice say 'take five'. I immediately heard foot steps coming toward me as I made my way down the last six steps.

"Baby, what are you doing down here?" Atesh asked sweating and breathing heavy as he put one arm behind my back and the other behind my knees, lifting me off the stairs and into his arms.

"I just saw Erica come back, and she was smiling like she had a plan, I mean she could have been happy to be back out in the sun and run in the forest but I highly doubt that." I made a disbelieving face as I wrapped my arms around his neck inhaling his scent.

"It's alright, just steer clear of her for the time being." He reasoned as he brought me into the room where seven other men sat on the ground or stood up against the wall shirtless and sweaty.

"Luna," One of the men called to me as they all bowed slightly. "Have you come to train with us."

"Boy, please, I don't need to train, I'm already stronger than you." I smirked at the tall blond haired green eyed man who spoke with a light accent.

"Is that a challenge I hear, my lady?" A blue eyed black haired male joined in.

"It's a fact, I'll take you on any day." I smirked trying to focus all my attention on the men instead of blushing madly as Atesh sat with me in his lap.

I could feel everything beneath the black sweats he wore and my, floor length, baby doll dress wasn't helping separate us either. I squirmed slightly as Atesh pulled me to lean back against his chest while his arms circled my waist cupping my large stomach.

"Well, that wouldn't be a fair fight." A man with hazel eyes, skin slightly darker than mine, and blue streaks going through his black hair commented.

"Why because I'm a girl?" I glared playfully.

"Actually, no, it's because you're pregnant and if one of us fought you, it would have been two against one, that unfair." He smirked as we all burst into laughter.

"Oh, I see what you did there, Tom" I Laughed.

"Julius" He corrected raising a brow.

"Same difference, right, Jake, Luke, Logan Andrew,Timothy,and Andre" I smirked looking at them as I said a random name.

"I'm Andrew" The man with hazel eyes smiled as he bowed.

"I'm Constantine or Kostyah" The blue eyed black haired man bowed next.

"I'm Jordan" The tall blond with green eyes winked before he bowed.

"I'm Stephan" This guy had Black hair and green eyes with electric green streaks going through his hair.

"I'm Steven" He looked exactly like Stephan only his eyes were blue and his hair had electric blue streaks.

"I'm Charlie" He tucked his forearm to his waist before bowing, he had a boyish charm to him, it was obvious that he was related to the twins.

"That's what I said, Julius, Andrew, Kostyah, Jordan, Stephan, Steven, Charlie." I racked off their names quickly just blinking at them.

"Yea sure, " They chuckled.

"Hey , you guys, I brought down some Gatorade for you to drink, since I know you all have been training all day." A voice called causing everyone to pause in their laughter as she came into view from the stairwell.


Rushing back home I quickly made my way up to my room before I pulled the vile out of my pocket and began to pace. How was I going to get him to consume the potion! The first thing that came to my mind was while he was asleep or if I tied him up and held his nose until he swallowed. No that wouldn't work since he is about ten times stronger than me.....Oh!

I jumped up in excitement from where I stood as I made my way downstairs to the kitchen and into the fridge. Gatorade! The guys were downstairs training, what better way to get him to drink it than giving him something he wouldn't think twice about drinking. Now to get it into the bottle.

Pushing up the wrapper in the bottle I cut a small hole in it letting some of the purple juice out before I refilled it with the potion before applying clear tape over it and fixing the wrapper back. With that I picked up 8 more colors of Gatorade and set them in a basket before closing the fridge and making my way down to the training room.

I heard chuckling as I made my way down the dark steps heading toward the light. I smiled brightly knowing they would all drink it, no problem.

"Hey, you guys, I brought down some Gatorade for you to drink, since I know you all have been training all day." I called as I stepped into the training room to see everyone sweating and standing around smiles slowly fading.

"Nivea" I bowed slightly as I noticed that bitch was in the room sitting on, who would soon be, my mate's lap. I kept the smile on my face I handed him the Purple bottle of Gatorade and everyone else the others.

"Thanks," They all said as they opened the bottles and began to down them. I watched out of the corner of my eye as Atesh down it after a few gulps.

"No problem ya'll, It's almost Lunch time, and the Luna plans to make a large dinner so don't over eat after you finish training." I informed before making my way back up the basement stairs all the way up to my room.

Now to wait for the potion to work it magic............


Just in case many of you don't know, Child pose and downward facing dog are yoga positons, I'm sure you can pretty much guess what downward facing dog looks like, and child pose is when you sit with your legs under you and bend at the waist so that your chest is on your knees and your arms ar out straight ahead of you with your face toward the ground. yea, any way Let me know what you thought about it. :)

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