14•the kindest man alive

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[so i decided that i should end this book at 19(+epilogue) chaps.]

(2 weeks later.)


"Zawe, Zawe," I whisper after the curtain call. "Can I borrow a hair tie?" I said, with a disgusted look on my face. The reason for that was because my hair was getting incredibly greasy and it was annoying, how the greasy hair gets in my face.

Zawe laughed, "You don't need to whisper. Here you go, this is all yours. See you next time, alright?"

"Alright. Goodbye! Be safe on the way!"

I did not have a car today, I got its oil changed. So, I have to ride the train. Okay, time to be a normal person again. Where nobody knows you and crowds over you. It feels so good.

Though, thinking about that doesn't really make me feel at ease.

Okay, I know I was supposed to go to one of the stations, but I had to walk around. There was this girl who seemed to be following me around, and if I don't find out if she's some kind of obsessed fan, I'm gonna get more creeped out. Time to end the hiding-from-an-obsessed-fan saga which is about to start.

She was wearing this light blue jumper and ripped jeans, looking everywhere. She was really stiff, until a car honks and she begun moving very quickly.

What was happening, why is it that whenever I move to another place, she's there? I'm certain that I saw her back at the play. And at the stage door. If she's busy with something else, why is she like.. following me suit?

I headed to the train station,with quick strides. I was quite calmed when I saw my surroundings completely empty, and the girl who kind of creeped me out was out of sight. I waited for the train.

The sound of the train coming from afar made me feel more safe. I waited for the train to come, but a deafening scream came first instead. What? Where is that scream coming from? Before, a fan, now, a ghost or something? What is this, am I really paranoid or is following people a trend?

Mixed with the train's sounds of rustling, I heard a woman's shriek. I thought I was alone?

I saw the woman on the rail and I wanted to freak out. The train was coming and I was there and if she dies I'll be guilty! I think too much, don't I?

I jumped to join the woman on the rail and jumped back to the ledge before the train comes. If the train were to come 10 seconds faster, I would've also been dead.

"Are you okay?" It dawned on me that she was the one who was following me around. Even if she is, that won't make me hate myself for saving her.

"Tom... Tom Hiddleston! Thank you, thank you, oh my god." The woman said, and instead of replying just yet, I led her to sit. I sat beside her.

"Be careful next time, okay? Trains don't stop easily." I offer her my bottled water. "By the way, were you following me?"

The girl took a deep breath. She drank from the bottled water I offered and then replied calmly. "Yes I am. Not because I'm a stalker or what, but that's because I don't know where to go. I watched your play, if you've seen me, then after watching I did not know where to go, or what transportation to take. I've tried getting help from a taxi but I ended up in the wrong place and I saw you, so I followed you instead, hoping that I would be near where you live. And yeah... I lost about half of my pocket money to that taxi."

I chuckled. She was a young woman lost in London. It sounded like it could be a novel. "You're not from around here, obviously. Look, I'll help you, why didn't you tell me? I was creeped out when I saw you everywhere."

She scratched her elbow, biting her lip nervously. "I thought you had guards around."

"Deary, no, I would be glad to help. Look at you, you poor thing, you fell! You almost got killed! To avoid that, you could tell me next time. Where are you staying?"

"The Lofter hotel. Is it even near you?"

I laughed. She's a sweet young woman. "Yes, quite. Just go with me on the train. What's your name?"


"Kirsten." I said it out loud, trying how it sounds. "Well then, you're going home. Where are you from?"

"I live in Asia but my nationalities are... well, they're three."

That was amazing! She had three nationalities? I'm actually okay with one nationality, but having three? Probably, it's nice.

"I also liked your play. Can we have a picture?" She says, getting ready to fish out her phone. "I mean, I'm a big fan and.."

"Oh," I laughed. "Thank you. No problem! I'll take a picture with you."

"You are indeed kind, sir Tom. I hope I'll see more of you."

"Just in: Tom Hiddleston saves a young woman from getting ran over by a train. As seen in the other photos taken, he helps the young woman get home safely. What do you say, Frank? Can't be dating?"

"Dating rumours can spark, but as we've seen, Tom Hiddleston was just being a nice man to a young woman in distress. Isn't he a really kind man?"

"He might be the kindest man alive. Tweet your thoughts about this topic with the hashtag #CelebrityWeekly !"

I turned the tv off and went straight to bed. I closed my eyes, found some peace and tried to sleep.

After some minutes-an hour, maybe?- I shot my eyes open.

I can't sleep.

Who should I call now? Should I amuse myself instead? Or should I intake vitamin c gummies? God, why did I think of drinking vitamin c gummies? What am I even thinking? I don't know what to do because for the very first time, after a long long while of 'I can't sleep because of my thoughts' episodes, I can't sleep. Vitamin c gummies? None taken.

Okay then, if I continue this, I'm going to be miserable. So, I'm just gonna have fun all by myself.

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