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"Um.. I'm pretty sure you heard it...?" Things are getting so awkward, I want to get swallowed by the floor. Or just a divine intervention where something could just consume me as a whole. I HOPE he doesn't get what I tried to say. Well then, I knew this confession was not gonna end well. I'm such a flop.

"Tom!" Liz came running to Tom, saving me from the awkwardness. If this went well, I would be upset by her sudden approach. But when it failed, like this right here, I should be beyond happy and relieved. I'm so gonna regret this more in the morning.

"Oh.. uh.. I better get going! Bye!" The fluffy slippers Rdj provided surely are gonna break. My room is literally right in front of my nose and I decided to run in.

Oh no oh no. This is not gonna end well. Probably gonna end our friendship. Shit, why'd I tell him I like him? Or what if I even told him I love him? That would be the worst case scenario. See, Chris? He did NOT run to chase you. And you're sure he heard what you said. He DID NOT BOTHER. So why would YOU bother?

"Why is it like this?" My voice was the only voice in the room, so the words rang over and over in my head: Why is it like this? Why did I fall in love, with a man like him? I know I'm never gonna be with a man like him. I'm not worthy to be with such a gentleman with a kind heart.

The next day, we never had a chance to talk to each other. He immidiately left for UK, he says he had a play. I knew he did, but I kinda thought he was avoiding me. Ahh, I would not be meeting Tom for a long time again. I would be leaving for Australia later, and it would be a long time before I see Tom again.

"So you like him?" Elizabeth walks in the empty kitchen, startling me. I think it's already quite obvious, but for the second time, I confess. "Yes, I like him. I don't know, I just fooled around and Wow, I get feelings."

Lizzie searched for a mug in the cupboard. She picked one in black. "You know, you should've stayed when I interrupted you last night. I asked him the same question,"

"He must hate me. What did he say?" I become interested in the whirl of events here. I HOPE HE DOESN'T HATE ME.

Lizzie chuckled, then ripped off an intant coffee packet, pouring the powder content into the mug. I watched her do so, as I was ITCHING to know the answer. Ahhhhh I will say sorry to my children for not being a brave man, but I told them to be brave. Sorry for being a hypocrite. But maybe it's okay to be weak sometimes.

"He.. told me something interesting that you should find out yourself," Lizzie giggled when I sighed so loud. I patiently waited and I get this? But oh, I get clues. I know what that means. But if I assume that I know what it means and it means that he likes me, that would make me cocky, right? No, don't speak. Don't tell Lizzie what you think.

"Oh.... well I should confess again, isn't that correct?" I knew it was the right thing to do, but I needed an advice from Lizzie, an actual romantic. Don't tell but I actually heard her gush when we screened movies last night(at the romantic parts, I mean. Could you gush when you see Tom breaking a man's skull?!) and she probably likes romantic movies.

"Yes, confess again, but confess properly and promptly to the time of the day. Who knows if you confess when he's about to sleep."

Huh. What Lizzie said rung a bell. He called me when I was about to sleep, informed me that he had insomnia. I thought he was force fed on cocaine since he did everything that night so compulsively but actually he force fed vitamin c gummies on himself. I chuckled at that thought.

"Thanks, Liz. Oh, you're off to your house later today, right?"


"Well, take care. I will start packing," I kissed the back of her hand and waved goodbye. I saw her sip on her coffee before I left.

"Hello, India?"

"Daddy! Mommy has finally reached your phone. We just wanted to say I got the highest grade among class! I want chocolate!"

"I will go to the house later, okay? I've got those chocolates you want."


Elsa hung up, and I stride quickly to the convinience store I see from here. There are chocolates in these stores, yes?

I grabbed three handfuls of chocolate bars, since I know my two other kiddos would want to eat chocolate too. I paid for the chocolates and called for taxi, to go to Elsa's house.

"Hello Chris," Elsa smiled at me when she opened the door. I rested at the doorway and said hi, then waited for my three kids to come to me. They were in a sprint, when they saw the chocolates. Oh god, I should've taught them manners first before sports. I've been a quite... naughty dad.

"Wait!" I raised my hand, which held the bag of chocolates. "Did you really get the highest?"

India raised the wrinkled test paper she said she deserved chocolates for, and I smile when I see it's true. I gave the chocolate bars to her, and told her she should give some too to her siblings.

"Okay, so I've got something to tell you. I've got a boyfriend." I mean, I was hurt when Elsa confessed, but the name of the man I've been itching to talk to was imprinted in my mind, I can't get it off. And I remember him telling me that I will meet my daughters soon. Well, I did not make a mistake by believing in him. Maybe if I believe again, everything will go my way? If not everything, mostly my way? I just want to be happy and contented again, I'm sorry.

"I hope you're happy too now, Chris. I've heard about Tom?"

"Oh no no. I screwed my confession up."

"What!?" Elsa's mouth gaped. Even she thinks I'm stupid and it was true. Uggghhh why am I such a flop? "No no. You did not bawl out when I rejected you, nor screwed your second proposal up. This is not you, you should do this right,"

I mean... Elsa made everything more interesting. I've got my blessing for Tom from her right now, and I guess I should do it.

"I'm already happy with the kids and my boyfriend and everything else in my life, it's your turn to have a happy ending, Chris. I think that you should definitely confess, or else you'll never find a man like him again."

"OKAY OKAY, I'M GETTING TAUNTED, I WOULD DO IT!!" I say, settling everything. But then I add in a mumble: "After 24 hours or so?"

"Wow. That was disappointing."

"I know, I'm a flop," I said, like it's the most basic thing ever and Elsa not knowing it makes her dumb.

"You're not if you confess,"


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