Sunrise, Sunset [2]

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Really excited about this story.


I followed Vanessa into the bathroom. I watched as she unraveled the cord of the curling iron, plugged it in and turned it on. She scrambled through a draw and pulled out four different eyeliners, three mascaras, five eye shadow cases and two blush compacts. Then, she rummaged through another drawer and set out a small box full of bobby pins and hair ties. This was going to be interesting... Vanessa hit play on the iHome and suddenly G6 began to play. She swayed back and forth, a big smile on her face. She motioned for me to sit on the toilet lid. I did as I was told and took a seat. I sighed and looked at all the makeup on the counter.

"Try to make it natural," I said. Vanessa let out a loud laugh.

"Em, you can't look 'natural' at a party. It's all about working the best features. I'm going to bring out your hazel eyes with this here," she said pointing towards a four color eye shadow meant for hazel eyes. I stared at it curiously. Supposedly these colors would make my eyes 'pop'. "Then, I'll use this," she said showing me one of the eye liners, "to make your eyes look wide. Then, lightly dab your skin with this shimmer, and use this lipstick with this gloss swiped over it. THEN curl this blanket you call your hair, into something more attractive. Sit back, relax and trust your wonderful sister, Vanessa."

I closed my eyes and let her go to work. I felt weird as she layered on the makeup. In fifteen minutes she moved on to my hair. In another half hour I was eye shadowed, curled and pinned according to the desire of Vanessa. Vanessa took a step back and smiled.

"I am so good," she said grabbing my shoulders and moving me to face the mirror. For a second I didn't recognize myself. My bushy brown hair that usually sat content in a low pony tail was now in smooth curls and pinned up carefully. My normal everyday face usually just had a quick application of some ninety-nine cent mascara and a thin line of eyeliner. Now, I thought I looked red carpet ready. Well, maybe not but definitely three steps up from my everyday wear. I turned and gave Vanessa a big hug. "You're welcome," she whispered. I smiled and exited the bathroom to find something to wear that would compliment the makeover.

After about ten minutes of intense searching I let out a loud groan. This was hopeless. What good was that last forty five minutes if I just wore jeans and a t-shirt?

"Ah, I recognize that call. You're not done needing me," Vanessa said walking in with a pair of skinny jeans and a few tops. "All of the tops show just enough cleavage to say, 'hey, I'm sexy and I know it' without saying 'hey, I'm easy get me a few drinks and I'm yours.' It's very important to stay above that line. I grabbed all of my green and dark blue tops. Any of these will work. Though, I suggest the green one with three quarter sleeves and the scoop neck. Wear this necklace and these boots. God, you are so lucky I am your sister!" Vanessa tossed the articles of clothing on my bed and left quickly. 

I shook my head and smiled. I changed into the jeans and the shirt she suggested and threw on my black Converse. I placed the necklace over my head and adjusted it in the mirror. I looked myself over slowly. I really did look good. I ran a hand over the necklace and sighed. Maybe if I cared more about my appearance Trevor would still be in my life. I closed my eyes and shook that thought from my head. No. This was going to be a Trevor-less night. I grabbed a smaller one of my bags and went to wait in the living room for Vanessa to be ready.

I began to nervously pick at a small hole forming in the jeans I was wearing. As I was about to lay back and try to relax I heard a buzzing sound on coffee table my feet were resting on. My heart began to race. I sat back up slowly and stared at my phone. I reached for my phone and saw Trevor's name along with New Message. I clicked open.

Ya. Have fun. Tho, not 2 much. B careful. I kno u dont have much exprnce wit parties. Thinkin' of u. -T

I rolled my eyes and thew my phone into my bag rather harshly and stood up angrily.

"Nessa? Ready yet?" I called out walking quickly towards her room. Vanessa popped out of her room in a purple halter top and a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and her black leather boots. Her hair was loosely braided and her makeup was dark and mysterious. She really was quite the bomb shell. I smiled at her. "Sure that shirt doesn't say 'hey, I'm easy, get me a few drinks and I'm yours'?" I asked. Vanessa rolled her eyes and hit me with her purse.

"Don't be hatin'," Vanessa defended placing a hand on her hip. I coudln't help but laugh as I reached for the car keys on the wall. Vanessa let out an excited yell as we exited the building. "Here," Vanessa said as she placed a piece of paper in my hands. On the paper was scribbled an address.

340 N Butter Clam Street

"Is this a joke?" I asked stopping on the middle of the stairs reading the street name over again. Vanessa turned around confused.

"A joke?"

"Yeah. This can't be the street name."

"It is! I promise. Isn't it hilarious? I Google mapped it to make sure," Vanessa replied smiling. I stared at the paper a moment longer before shrugging and continued walking. I got into the car and turned it on. Automatically I hooked up my iPod because I had yet to find a radio station I liked. Relient K blasted through the speakers as drove off towards Butter Clam street. The name still made me giggle. I guess I had just never paid attention to the street names that much. On the way there, I made a point to read the street signs. Fleetwood, Sand Dune, Marine View, Ocean Spray, Seahorse and then finally Butter Clam.

It wasn't hard to guess which house had the party at it. I parked the car about seven cars down from the actual house. I got out and waited for Vanessa to double check her makeup and then finally step out. I locked up and walked so close to Vanessa that we were touching.

"Relax." Vanessa whispered as we neared the door. I took a deep breath and followed Vanessa into the house. Music was blaring and lights were flashing. There was a thin fog of smoke in the main room. I scrunched up my face at the smell and hugged the wall trying to find an open area in the room.

"MORE PEOPLE!" Someone shouted across the room. Everyone cheered. I looked around nervously. Suddenly there was something cold in my hand and I was being led into the kitchen.

"Nessa!" I called out, but she kept walking. The music was too loud for her to hear me.

"Welcome!" a short pepply looking blonde smiling widely. "So glad you came! What's your name?" she asked.

"Emma," I said looking down in my hand and saw that I was holding a can of beer. Gross.

"Emma? Lovely name! Have fun!" the girl said clapping and skipped off. I stood there a moment before setting the can down on the counter and then frantically began to look for Vanessa.


Sorry it's so short.

Hope you liked it though. :)

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