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i hung up the phone, simultaneously gazing at myself in the mirror.

i looked like hell.

the pain from my left rib was causing me to tremble, but i managed to grab an old hoodie of mine, and successfully pull it over my head. as i creeped my way down the stairs, i saw the remains of what had happened an hour beforehand. my mother was slumped over in the recliner, a bottle of an unknown alcohol sitting on the dusty floor next to her, and shards of glass sprawled across the room.

her face was still red, and her whole face looked like it was drooping. the complete opposite of how lively she used to look when i was little. i saw headlights come through the sheer curtains and i quietly slipped out the back door, pulling up my hood to cover most of the right side of my face.

i ran to his car, it didn't exactly help that it was pouring down raining though. "you okay?" he asked, immediately scooting over to me once i shut the car door. i nodded. i really didn't think this through, i don't wanna tell him but the bruises are too obvious.


she wouldn't directly look at me, "yeah, thanks for picking me up."

"sooo?" i said after a few minutes of silence, "what?" she replied, "are you gonna tell me what happened?" i asked, trying not to sound like a nosy dick, but to be fair, i did pick her up in the middle of the night so i feel like i have the right to know why.

she took a deep shaky breath in, almost like she was gonna start crying. "hey hey hey, sweetheart.." i gently rubbed her arm, since she still wouldn't look at me. she was breathing a little faster now, "saul?" she asked, "hm?" i responded. "c-can i hold your hand when i tell you this? i'm scared." she said softly, my heart ached. "of course, baby. hey- you wanna sit in my lap?" i tried to speak as softly as she did. she nodded. i stretched my legs out, relaxing my arms on top of my car seat. she seemed to cautiously sit in my lap, as if she was in pain all over her body. i let my hands down on top of her legs, she held onto them as i gently rubbed her knuckles.

"okay, so- uh, my mom kind of- abuses me? like uh- when she's drunk.. which is a lot." she spoke barely above a whisper, my heart felt like it was crumbled into pieces. "baby.." i sighed, lifting her chin up to look at me, her breathing got faster again. only then did the glow of the streetlights hit her face, showcasing the bruises on her skin. she saw the look of heartbreak on my face, making her eyes well up with tears. "it's okay to cry, sam." i said, knowing she was the kind of person to try and stifle her true feelings.

i saw her walls break down, the tears started falling from her brown eyes, understandably so. i wrapped my arms around her, gently rubbing her back. "shh, it's all gonna be okay, alright? as long as i'm here you don't have to worry about her, okay? i'm always gonna protect you." i ranted, making her sob even harder, i'd be lying if i said that didn't make me choke up a little bit.

it was almost five am, and i'd been driving around since i picked her up. right now, her legs were in my lap, her hoodie on the floor of the car, she got hot in it and didn't mind me seeing the wounds on her body. she only had a bra on, but my mind didn't even dare to wander to that place. she was sleeping like a baby, i think it was from all the crying she did beforehand.

i felt like driving around for awhile, just because all of the guys were at my place, again. it's not that i thought they'd be rude, we might look tough but i like to think we're some big ass sweethearts. but i just didn't want sam to feel the need to explain to them what happened. i can tell she usually doesn't cry in front of people, and this definitely wasn't the easiest topic. and i obviously didn't want to take her back to her place.

now, she's just mine. i don't want anyone else to be around her at this point, i wanna protect her. i really don't fucking care what it's gonna cost me, or who's gonna try and stop it from happening. i just wanna be alone with her for awhile, she's too sweet to deserve the shit her mom does. that's all.

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