We are crazy

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What a crazy world we live in
Where sickness is romantic
And pain is our hope
Madness is a trend
Set by what we dont know
Living by quotes
We don't believe in love
And lust is what we crave
Even though we dont let it show
We're all the same
When it's strange to be different
And different
When it's boring to be the same
The Rich donating
But not for the people
Only for fame
People blaming each other
Fights turned into war
But we are the future
That they ruined in the past
Let's run
But there's nowhere to be
Help us
But there's no one to go to
They burned it all
Turned it to dust
And now we're looking down
At what's left of us
There's no escape
We've been hypnotized
They said we won't make a change
We've been far too long traumatised
It may be ironic
But sad is the new happy
And it's iconic
Not to be happy
Because feeling better than them
Means to be selfish
And if you dont want to be silenced
You'll need to go crazy

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