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                “Stella. Stella wake up.” I heard a voice say. “Mm no 5 more minutes.” I say sleepily and turned on my side. “Stella Purdy get your ass up now.” The voice said bouncing on the bed. I woke up to see Becca jumping on the bed with a big smile on your face. “Ugh Becca its 9am and I didn’t get home till 1:30. You could at least let me sleep a little bit.” I said frowning at her. “Yeah well I and the others are over and Ashley said you got something for us girls so get up, get dressed and come downstairs.”Becca said cheerfully. Becca and I talked about the honeymoon while I threw on some clothes and then headed downstairs. “Good morning sleepyhead.” Ashley said kissing the top of my head. I went over to Andy and punched him on the arm.”Ow what the fuck was that for?”Andy asked me rubbing his arm. That’s for sending your lovely girlfriend to wake me up and ruin my beauty sleep.” I said giving him an evil look. I presented the girls the Minnie Mouse ears I got them and they all attacked me at once. “Now we match. Ooh we have to take a picture of us wearing them!” Becca said grabbing her phone.  Ashley took our picture, and Becca sent it to all of us. “So the honeymoon was fun?” Meaghan asked me. “Yeah it was so much fun. We went on rides, saw fireworks and even went to Rainforest Café for dinner.” I said reliving the trip all over again. “So are you guys having kids anytime soon?” Sammi asked me. “Um I’m not sure yet. We really haven’t talked about it, but if it happens it happens.” I said shrugging. To be honest, I really want kids, but I wasn’t sure if Ashley would want them too. He and I would have to talk about it.

                That night as Ashley and I sat watching a movie, I thought about Ashley and I having kids. I wondered if we would make good parents and if I would have to raise them by myself or if Ashley would get up and leave because he didn’t want to be a dad anymore.”Stella you ok? You’re usually not this quiet.”Ashley asking me, snapping me out of my thoughts. “I’m ok but I need to talk to you about something.” I said turning to face him.”Ok what do you want to talk about?” Ashley asked me. “Well I was talking to Sammi earlier and she asked me about us having kids anytime soon and I told her that we needed to talk about having kids but I’m concerned.”I said frowning. “Ok what are those concerns?” Ashley asked me. “Ok I’m afraid that you don’t want kids and if we do have kids then I don’t want to raise them by myself and I don’t know if we would be good parents and I don’t want you to just get up and leave me and the kids because you don’t want to be a dad anymore.” I said with teary eyes.  “Stella first and foremost, I do want kids and I would be helping you raise them as much as I can when I’m not doing Black Veil Brides stuff.  Second of all, we would make amazing parents and I would never leave you and our future kids. I love you way too much to do that to you ok?” Ashley said smiling at me and wiping the tears out of my eyes.”Ok Ashley well if you’re ready to have kids then I’m ready.” I said smiling at him. Ashley put me over his shoulder carrying me upstairs to our room. That night, Ashley made love to me and possibly we made a baby.

                The next day the girls and I ended up having lunch together, and they wanted to know about the baby situation. “So have you and Ashley decided on having kids?” Becca asked me. “Yes we did and last night we gave our first try to have a baby.” I said sipping on water. “Oh my god I’m gonna be an aunt?” Meaghan asked me. “Well I don’t know yet. We have to wait and see what happens.” I said smiling at her. I was hoping that I was pregnant, because I really wanted to be a mom and I knew it was just as important to Ashley as it was to me to become a parent.

~A few weeks later~



                It was the end of the month, and my period still didn’t come. I knew that if I missed my period, it was a sign that I was pregnant. After Ashley left to go hang out with the guys, I dragged Becca since Sammi and Meaghan were at work to go buy pregnancy tests. We bought 2 tests then rushed home to take them. After I took the tests, all I could do is wait for the results. After the three minutes was up, I took a deep breath and looked at both tests. “So what are the results?” Becca asked me from the couch. I walked out of the bathroom in tears holding both tests. “Stella say something!”Becca said shaking me. I found my voice and I told her the news that may or may not change Ashley and I’s lives forever.

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