One-Shot Competition Results

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Hey guys! So first off, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who entered the one-shot competition. I didn't expect to have so many entries, but they were all wonderful, and I really enjoyed reading them. So thank you very much!

And now without further ado... the results!

I feel like there should be a drumroll or something. Please imagine one in your head.

4th place: Business and Babies by Springgirl101

This one was hilarious. Pregnant Georgie was very funny, and I loved the unexpected ending.

3rd place: Friendship for Dummies One-Shot by BeautyAtWork2

I loved this one. It used a lot of the characters and all of them were spot on. And it was absolutely hilarious.

2nd place: Five by Defend

I knew even before I read it I was going to love this one, because it's written by one of my favourite writers (101 Ways, Team Len anyone?). And it definitely didn't disappoint. It was a little different to the other entries, and one of the cutest things ever.

Aaaaaand here we go, the one we've all been waiting for. The winner is...

Camping for Dummies by Starry_Serenade

This one was my absolute favourite. Every sentence was so funny, she wrote Georgie perfectly and I couldn't have asked for more. I thought you should all see how wonderful it was, so I've decided to post it here. And do me a favour, when you're done, go and tell Starry_Serenade how amazing her writing is. Thank you all for entering, and enjoy the winning one-shot!


“Georgie, are you sure you know where we're going?”

            Ava's voice rings out from behind me, and I take my eyes off the road for a split second to glance at my best friend in the backseat mirror. She's sitting next to Nathan, the two of them wearing twin skeptical expressions.

            “Of course,” I reply calmly. “What, do you think I'd actually get us lost?”

            The look on her face is enough of a response.

            Sighing, I turn my attention back to the task at hand: that is, driving a million miles through California en route to Brandon and Macy's summer rental in Mammoth Lakes, a journey which happens to entail traveling down a bumpy dirt road. In a forest. At night. While my three traveling companions relax in their respective seats, completely oblivious to how harrowing this experience is for me.

            I despise driving after dark—always have, always will. It's bad enough in the city, where there are streetlights to provide at least some relief for my vision. But out here? This is the wilderness, for crying out loud! The only light I have is from the headlights of our rental Jeep, which only serve to illuminate the space in front of the car for about two feet before dissolving into blackness. With that kind of meager light, I could run into a raccoon, or a tree, or drive off a cliff...

            Focus, Georgie. Eyes on the road.

            Though I mentally promise myself that I will keep my immensely scatterbrained mind in  concentration, I can't help but steal a few glances at the boy dozing in the passenger seat beside me. His face is relaxed in sleep, his brown eyes closed and his dark hair falling into his face.     

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