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Jungkook and Lisa were stood in the dining room and her eyes keep travels around his family's house. She couldn't help but engrossed with the arrangement and the style of the dining room一 It's modern and elegant at the same time.

But then, they heard a voice from behind. "Hey, Jungkook!" Lisa and Jungkook turns to the owner of the voice and met his father as Lisa assumed.

"Dad!" Jungkook went toward him and hug him tight. "So how are you?" Mr. Jeon asked after both of them releases from the hug.

"Pretty good" Jungkook replied. "Oh yeah. Dad, this is Lisa" He said, motioning his hand to Lisa.

"Hi, pleasure" Lisa said and both of them did a handshake.

"So I always wanted to know, what does a magazine editor do?" Mr. Jeon asked Jungkook and Lisa.

Jungkook let out a chuckles before turn to Lisa.

"That's a great question, dad. I'm curious to know the answer myself"

Jungkook's smile soon faded when he saw his brother presence.

"Jimin" He sighs.

"Jungkook" Jimin muttered then he turns to Lisa. "This must be Lalisa"

"Just Lisa" She smiled, trying to conceal her anger.

"Jimin. A pleasure to meet you" He said, earning a nod from Lisa.

"Pleasure's mine" Lisa replied.

"So why don't you tell us exactly what a magazine editor does, besides getting bombed" Jimin said, making his father's laugh.

Lisa and Jungkook looked at him, unamused with his statement.

"Now that sounds like fun. No wonder you like being an editor" Mr. Jeon said, but then his words was cut off by Jimin.

"No, father. Jungkook is not an editor, he is an editor's assistant". Jimin said causing Jungkook to roll his eyes at his brother.

Lisa, on the other hand, stared at Jimin with a calm expression.

"Lisa here is the editor" Jimin continued.

Mr. Jeon furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "So you're actually..?"

"Jungkook's boss, yeah" Jimin replied for Lisa.

"Oh, I thought Jungkook was an editor"

"Jungkook must be dreaming, Mr. Jeon" Lisa interrupted, causing Mr. Jeon to laugh with Lisa's statement.

Mr. Jeon chuckles, and shook his head with her statement. "I think I'll get a refill now" Mr. Jeon said and walked past them.

Jimin also did the same and gave them a smug smile before he follow his father, leaving Lisa and Jungkook alone.

"Charming" Lisa said to Jungkook, causing Jungkook to piss off and stormed out of the dining room to find Jimin while leaving Lisa alone.

Once he saw Jimin having a conversation with the others, Jungkook then interrupted the conversation and Jimin had to excuse himself out from the group. "That's a hell of a first impression, Jimin" He stated, causing Jimin clenched his jaw, feeling anger. "We just got here and now you trying to start the fight"

Jimin scoffed. "Jungkook, you show up after all this time with this woman you hated and now she's your girlfriend?"

"It was a long time ago" Jungkook argued, earning a scoffed from Jimin.

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