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Jungkook and Lisa were stood in the dining room and her eyes keep traveled around his family's house. She couldn't help but engrossed with the arrangement and the style of the dining room一 It's modern and elegant at the same time.

While intertwining her fingers, one of Jungkook's relatives came toward them. "Oh hey, Jungkook!". He greeted and gave Jungkook's a brotherly hug.

"Hey Jin, it's been a while!". Jungkook said after releasing the hug.

Jin smiled. "So this is your fiancè?". Jin asked, glancing at Lisa.

Jungkook nodded. "Yes, oh yeah, forgot. Um... Lisa this is Jin, my cousin and Jisoo's husband and Jin this is Lisa, my fiancè". He stated, earning a confusion looks on her face.

"Jisoo? Your wife?". She asked in disbelief.

Jin nodded his head in questioning. "Yes?".

"Where is she?". She asked.

Jin slowly shook his head. "She's not here". Jin said. "She's a busy woman and I don't want to interrupt her". He giggled.

Jungkook raised his eyebrow in confusion. "But we did tell her that me and Lisa are getting married?".

Lisa nodded her head and watches Jin in concerned.

Jin took a deep sigh. "Well, it's okay, at least she knew we have an important event in Busan". Both of Jungkook and Lisa nodded. "I need to get drinks and congratulations!". Jin said and made his way to the drink section, trying to avoid prolonging the conversation.

"Thank you". Lisa said before Jin made his way then she turned to Jungkook who watched Jin in concerned. "Why you didn't tell me, Jin is her husband?". She muttered quietly to Jungkook.

"But I already told you". He simply said.

"But you just told me now not when we're in Seoul".

"At least I already told you". He said, repeatedly which annoyed with his boss.

"You're my assistant, Jungkook and you should send me enough information no matter what".

Jungkook rolled his eyes. "Did I not send you enough information?". He asked, earning a scoffs from Lisa. "Wednesday, May 22, Leo eating a banana and you said that's not enough information?".

"Why you have to bring up about Leo?". She whined.

"Because I have to and if I'm not bringing up about Leo's topic, you never felt appreciate my hard work as your assistant". He said. "You know how hard I am, taking care of Leo ever since you were in New York, he's sick, stubborn and looks! He even bites my arm". He said, showing the scars on his left arm.

Lisa heave a deep sighed. "Okay, I'm sorry, okay. Can we just stop bickering about the small things?". She said and watched him glared at her.

"I don't want to accept your apologies".

"Fine! Like who cares". She said, rolling her eyes at him.

Not long after, they heard a voice from behind. "Hey, Jungkook". Lisa and Jungkook turned to the owner of the voice and met Jungkook's father as Lisa assumed.

"Dad!". Jungkook went toward him and hug him tight. "So how are you?". Mr. Jeon asked after both of them releases from the hug.

"Pretty good". Jungkook replied. "Oh yeah. Dad, this is Lisa". He says and motion his hand to Lisa.

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