Chapter 32

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Next morning

Mina went back home to rest. Wasn't exactly a good night sleep. She was worrying so much about Chaeyoung. Hoping that he will be fine.

Mina woke up. Still feeling a little tired as she couldn't really sleep. She quickly took a shower and rushed to the hospital.

"Can I know where Son Chaeyoung's room is? "

" He is in room 247 " a nurse repied

Mina briskly walk to Chaeyoung room. She would be lying of she said that she didn't miss Chaeyoung alot. Like really really alot. Mina opened the door, seeing Chaeyoung on the hospital bed, mouth slightly opened, hair was in a mess. He was still sleeping. He was half naked as the doctor had to bandage his shoulder leaving him half naked. Mina walked to the chair beside him and sat down. Mina slowly swipe his hair back.

"I love you so much you know that right? " Mina said

She started tearing up. She missed him alot.

"H-hey why a-are you crying? " Chaeyoung woke up seeing Mina being a crying mess.

Chaeyoung sat up although he was still in pain. His leg and his shoulder brought alot of pain but seeing mina cry hurts his heart more. He grabbed Mina's shoulder and slowly assist her to stand up. Chaeyoung pulled her towards and on the bed. Chaeyoung let Mina sit on his lap although his thigh was hurting from the gunshot wound. Chaeyoung slowly wrap his arms around Mina. Bringing her into his embrace.

"I-I'm just s-s-scared." Mina sobbed

"I promised you that i will never forget you right? Remember? Our promise when we were little. " Chaeyoung said in a calm vpice hoping to calm Mina down.

Mina was still sobbing alot. Chaeyoung's shoulder was wet from Mina tears. Chaeyoung slowly lay down with Mina in his arms. Hoping to lessen the pain in his left thigh. Chaeyoung just stayed quiet. After a while, silence engurfed the room. Mina fell asleep. Tears stained on her face. Chaeyoung was in so much pain. He couldn't lift Mina up by himself. He was silently hoping someone will come and lift her up.

Chaeyoung's POV

"YOYOYOYO MY BROTHER. oh shit." Jeongyeon came in loud like he normally is but quiet down when he saw Mina sleeping on me.

"Brother. Help me lift her up please. " I speaked. Feeling alot of pain on my thigh and shoulder.

Jeongyeon helped me lift her up and placed her on the sofa in the left side of the room. My thigh was bleeding alot, i guess the wound opened up. Jeongyeon helped me called the doctor and they stitched back the wound.

"Seems like you've been working out alot huh" Jeongyeon asked, smirking.

"Hmm. I guess so." I said.

"That abs is really..just WOW. You know what i mean.. Didn't know you are that buff." Jeongyeon said looking at my half naked body.

"Did you become gay? Ew. Go back to your Nayeon ok. This is for that girl there." I said while pouting my lips towards Mina's direction.

We talked alot. Talked about how i was such a bitch to Mina when i lost my memories. I regretted alot. Mina must had suffered alot.

"HEYHEYHEY GOOD MORNING ! WOW JEONGYEON IS HERE. EARLY. wow Mina too. Didn't she go home?" Sana shouted while walking in.

I explained why Mina and here. And after that, we started talking bout some stuff again. I missed out alot while i was having amnesia. I miss this bunch of autistic kids.

"Oh. Everyone is here?" Mina woke up rubbing her eyes.

She slowly walk up to me. The room soon filled with laughter. I miss this so much. The noises and laughters is so soothing to me. And this one girl. That always. ALWAYS. Catch my attention. You know who. Myoui Mina. Her smile. Laughter. Is everything to me. I. Love. Her. So. Much.

"Chaeyoung oppa. Look at ur abs. So hot huh. " Nayeon purposely said that to tease me.

But RIGHT IN FRONT OF MINA??!! Like boyfriend like girlfriend huh. Now i know why jeongyeon and nayeon are a couple.

"Chaeyoung hyung. I'm gonna be gay for you." Momo said it in a sexual way.

I cringed hard. Dahyun slapped Momo's arm looking angry. Momo just laugh and hug dahyun.

"Oh my. Chaeyoung,that 6 packs tho." Sana exclaimed and slowly move closer to me

Mina suddenly walked closer to me and pulled the blanket up to cover up my body. She didn't say anything and walked out of the room. I couldn't chase after her due to my injury.

"Look at what yall did. Call her back please. And also let us have pur time. You guys know how long it had been since i really spent time with Mina. So please." I said.

Najeongmosadatzu all gave me that look (u know what) and went out. (I forgot to say that Jihyo had work so she couldn't come and visit Chaeyoung)

Mina came in looking a little upset. I called for her to come towards me as i couldn't walk over but she didn't. She stood by the door and stare at her phone.

"Hey. Please come over. I wanna hug you please." I said, begging her.

She still didn't move at all. Eyes were glued onto her phone. She was texting. She suddenly smiled. I was curious. I was sad. She ignored me. I push the blanket off as i slowly tried to walk towards her. My thigh was hurting badly. Really badly. But i guess its the only way. Not even half way, i felt the pain rushing up my body. I held onto the sofa nearby. I turned my head to look at her. She was still on her phone. I continue walking towards her. I know that my wound opened again. Blood was rushing out. My bandage was filled with blood. It seeped through my pants too. But still i walked towards her slowly.

When i finally reached her, i took her phone away and smashed my lips onto hers. Not innocently, like a tease but hot, fiery, passionate and demanding. It was a very sloppy kiss with the strong scent of old wine being exchanged in the intermingling of our billowing breaths. My arms reached down and tangled around her waist.

"I'm s-sorry ok" I pulled away and said

Tears dripped down as the pain is now too much to handle. I looked down at the wound as i continue to hold onto Mina.

"Hey. Im sorry too. Why are you crying?" Mina asked worriedly.

She looked down at my wound. One patch of my pants was covered in blood.

"I-i-i t-think the w-wound opened a-a-again. It h-h-hurts like h-hell." I said as i wiped my tears.

Mina brought me back to the bed slowly and called the doctor. I got my wound stitched up again in a few minutes.

"You said it opened again. When was the first time?" Mina ask in curiosity

"Remember you cried this morning and I let you sit on my lap. That was the first time." I said and smiled.

She was a little shock. I guess she forgot I had an injury on my thigh. I pat the side of the bed waiting for her to sit with me.

No one's POV

Mina sat beside Chaeyoung. Both of them staring at eachother. They stared deep into each others eyes, Chaeyoung cupped her cheek that was slowly turning red. He smiled at her before slowly he leaned into her. Finally his lips touched her. Sparks flew in every direction, and the world was slowly disappearing around them, along with all of their worries, their troubles and their problems. She made him feel like none of that mattered. It was a small yet warm kiss. He honestly never knew a kiss so innocent could be so intimate and electrifying. Her lips were moving in perfect sync, his hands feeling her waist; he pulled her closer, the kiss deeper, more passionate. He felt her hands on the back of my neck play with the ends of his hair. A smile grew on his face as it started to tickle, finally they pulled apart.

"I miss you. I love you." Surprisingly both of said the same thing at the same time.

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