Chapter 11

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Avni still couldn't believe her luck as she looked out of the window of the plane. They were flying over India. Within fifteen minutes they would reach Jaipur. This year the khannas had decided to celebrate Christmas in Rajasthan. It felt a bit strange to celebrate a cold festival like Christmas in a hot desert. But she had kept her thoughts to herself. People liked trying new things. This would certainly be an interesting experience.

Neil had told her that he had recently purchased a plot in Jaipur where he was planning to build a five-star hotel. His family was there too. He would spend Christmas and New Year with them, stay in Jaipur for a few days, check the progress of the hotel then move to Mumbai where he lived.

It had been three days since she had joined as the new PA of Neil. That day, after her sudden appearance, things had taken a drastic turn. At first, Abhi had been too stunned to react when she had asked if the offer still stood, then with a miraculous speed, he had collected his composure and after a few professional talks he had told her that she had the job.

After that, he had retreated into his cold shell. He had coolly asked her to pack so that she could shift her base to Mumbai and had informed her that they would be leaving in his private jet. She hadn't had much time to organize everything on such a short notice but luckily, Ali and Mitali had stepped in.

She had put up all her furniture on sale and Ali and Mitali had promised to look after the formalities. Everything had taken place so quickly that she hadn't had time to breath. She had shared a tearful goodbye with Ali , Mitali and Mrs.parikh but as Mitali had wisely pointed out, she was going for better. It was a relief to get rid of Russell permanently and the job as a salesgirl. At least, now no male would get a valid excuse for checking her out to buy lingerie for the female(s) in his life.

So now, here she was, with three heavy suitcases and two bags in khanna's private jet, returning to her country after two years.

She hadn't felt like returning to India ever since her father had died but had to do so several times because of various legal issues. She had returned when she had turned twenty so that she could receive the first portion of the trust fund her father had left for her in his will. The money from it had helped her with her university fees which had been a huge relief after two years of slogging when she had had to study and work simultaneously in order to maintain her grades and manage her education.

Second time had been when she had finished the university and had got the job as Malcolm Hawkins's PA. Again, she had had to face many difficulties as Sakshi had created one problem after another regarding her legal identity due to which she hadn't been able to get a home in New York. After two years of constant battling, she had finally won the case but it had robbed her off her savings and the money from the trust fund. Half of it had wiped off immediately in the payment of legal fees and she had spent the other half in buying a flat for herself. She hadn't put her apartment for sale because she had discussed it with Ali and Mitali and they had decided that it would be better if she had a home out of India as well since it would be good for investment purposes.

Now, she was returning to India but for the first time, she was excited and relieved. This time there would be no legal issues and the best part was that Sakshi and Rhea had no idea that she was returning. Had they known, they would have surely stored some nasty surprise for her like they always did whenever she returned. But this time, there wouldn't be any such thing.

She had come with a win Neil's trust and to tell him that she loved him. This was a new beginning. She wasn't going to screw this up.

Except, she didn't know what to do. Neil was keeping an icy distance from her. He talked only when there was something related to work otherwise nothing. He had made no efforts to make her feel welcomed in her new job. Oh he was behaving like a perfect gentleman, opening the door of his car when he had come to pick her up for the airport, carrying her luggage and ensuring that she had everything in order.

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