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It was sunrise when I reached the church. I hopped off Chestnut and tied the reins to a wooden post. I walked into the church to find a priest assisting a woman, and by her clothes and bruises, I could tell she was a recently escaped slave just like I. A woman came up to me and asked if I needed help. "Yes, ma'am. I just fleed the plantation I was enslaved at, and I was told that I could find help here, " I explained. "And you have found help, come along dear and I'll help you get settled, " the woman stated as so took to through a door, down a case stairs we went till we reached a room filled with escaped slaves like myself, except they looked happier, they looked like they were getting feed actual food, and they had much nicer clothing. This seemed like a slave's dream come true.

She showed me my bed, gave me some new clothing, and introduced me to everyone else. "Oh, and I'm Mrs. Roberts. My husband, the priest, and I work hard to guarantee freedom and help to runaway slaves, " she stated. "That's very kind of you and your husband, miss. Actually, I'm wondering if I could talk to you in private about something?" I asked her. "Of course, let's go to the kitchen upstairs. I'll make you something to eat and we can talk, " she replied as we headed to the kitchen upstairs. As she made me a plate of eggs, toast, and bacon with a glass of milk, I explained what I want to speak about.

"There is a specific reason why I ran away from my plantation. I had 'relations' with my master, for I thought he cared for me but it was all but lies. I have currently found out that I'm pregnant with his child. To prevent the child from having to grow up in such a poor way, I ran away in hopes of providing a better life for the child I'm carrying, " I stated as I then started to eat. "I see, well, that was very brave of you to do, dear. Now you and that child are safe, but if you stay here they child won't be able to have all the things it needs. Perhaps you possibly have a friend who is a freeman that you can stay with?" Mrs. Brown questioned me. "Not at all, ma'am. My only friends were slaves who are working to buy their freedom. However, I do have a father. He's a free man, and so was I at one point. I haven't seen him since I was a little girl for he gave me to a man to take care of me. This was due to the fact that his family didn't know I existed for my mom was a woman he had an affair with. His family was planning to have my father married off to a woman, so to protect me from his family my father gave me away. If I can find my father, I could potentially live with him, " I added. "Then we'll help you find your father, " she started as she held my hand, much faith in her soul. "Thank you very much, " I said as I hugged her with much gratitude.

"I'll leave you to get settled in and all, " she said as she left the kitchen. I ate to my heart's content, enjoying every single bite of food on the plate. When I finished, I cleaned up my mess and I headed back downstairs. I familiarize myself with the rest of the people, getting to know about everyone and their stories. I was even taught how to play cards by a kind fellow named Kinsley. I became less worried about the life my child would have, for these amazing people I had would help provide a better life than I would all on my own.

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