Chapter 1

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" Hahaha! You bean sprout!"
" Nerd!"

Those words scared me. but what scared me the most is my Parents.

" Yoo Jeongyeon, Honey~. Please explain why you didn't get first this time. " The old woman said as she sips her Tea.

"I'm sorry Mother, Is just that I wasn't feeling well that day. meaning I didn't get to focus that much." I said in a worried tone.

"That's not a good enough excuse young man. If you just didn't lie you would have gotten a worse punishment." She said as she took out a whip.

" Mom! I'm telling you the tru-" I was cut off as she whipped me in the face.

" Don't talk to me like that young man! Remember your Father left you just because of your face!." She shouted.


[10 years later]

Jeongyeon's POV

As I walked through the hallway I heard many gossiping about me.

"Woah. When will he cut his hair he looks like a freak."

"LOL! Didn't know Yeti's were real!"

"Isn't it summer? Why is he still wearing the winter uniform?"

I'm used to them gossiping about me. I didn't care how I look-- I just care about my Grades. I'm a Student at JYP High school...where the tuition cost more than a yacht. And of course I'm just a scholar.

As I went to my classroom I notice All of them are not facing me or laughing. Their planing something. As walked foward I accidenlty slip on some cooking oil on the floor. Once I was on the ground everyone was Looking at me and started laughing. I just stood up and forget what happen.

" Guys she's here! " I heard my classmate voice and turned to see who was it-- It was Im Nayeon...The school Idol. She's treated differently than others. Like litteraly. Most guys would even bow or help her carry her stuff. But all she have is a pretty face.

[After Class]

I walked towards a Garden only I know. That Garden is in the middle of the Forest. It's actually my home...I even built a Tree house on the biggest tree.

[Even if its a Tree house it has water and electricity and even Strong Wifi

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[Even if its a Tree house it has water and electricity and even Strong Wifi.]

That place was very peaceful as it was far from the city.

I opened the door and put my bag on the floor as I flopped myself on the bed.

[ 1 hour later]

It was currently 7:00 In the afternoon when I heard footsteps behind the door. I stood up from the bed and walked towards the door. It was also raining so no one would even dare go out here.

I heard a knock. I opened the door slowly as I peek a little through the gap when opening. It was Nayeon and she was soaking wet. Her clothes are almost see-through.

"J-Jeongyeon?!" She shouted. "Yes..and and why are you here?" I asked her. "I got lost on my way out..." She said while she scratch her nape.

"Anyways come in. The toilet is on the right. I will get you some towels and some clothes." I said and rushed to my room. I got some towels and some clothes for her to wear.

I knock on the door for the bathroom." Nayeon heres some towel and some clothes." I said As i put my hand with the towels and clothes on the small gap between the door and the wall. " Thank you." She said.

I went to the kitchen to cook us some Dinner. I looked through the frigde to find some eggs and milk so I decided to make a omelet.

Nayeon's POV

I got out of the toilet after taking a bath. Woah I didn't know that a scholar can have this kind of house. Anyways where is his parents. I walked to the corridor finding Jeongyeon cooking a omelet. I back hugged him as a thank you. But I completly Startled him.

"Gah!--N-nayeon?!" He stuttered a bit. " Thank you." I said looking into his eyes.
"Anyways that looks good...Is it mine?" I added.

"This is for dinner. Oh and by the way when will you go back home?" He said as he concetrate on the omelet. This is new. His not even facing me or turning into a tomato. So his really the emotionless Nerd...

Jeongyeon POV

While I was cooking I suddenly felt someone hugging me. I looked to the side of my eye and saw Nayeon.

"Gah!--N-Nayeon?!" I stutter in shock."Thank You." She said."Anyways that looks good... Is it mine?" She added.

"This is for dinner. Oh and by the when will you go back home?" I ask her. "Tommorow." She said.
[The next day]*Author-nim is Lazy*

I woke up with someone besides me. I suddenly fell out of the bed when I recognize her. It was Nayeon.

"ARGH!" I groaned in pain as my back was flat broken. Nayeon suddenly woke up and looked at me. I heard her giggle alittle. "What happen?" She questioned me. "Isn't it obvious." I answered.

She held out her hand as I gladly accepted it. "Nayeon can you get a "Pain reliver Thing" I said. "Where?" She said. I just pointed at the cabinet next to the bed. "Found it." She said while she took out one of the strip. "Turn around I'm gonna place it on the place where it hurts." She added. I just followed what she said. She slowly pull up my t-shirt which revealed a Scar I avoided anyone seeing it.

"J-Jeongyeon! What's up with all your scar?!" She shouted."Mind your own buisness. Just place the strip on my back." I coldy said. I turned around finding a Pissed Bunny.. I giggled a little as her face was "Quite" Kyute. "Ya! Why are you laughing?! She angrily shouted. " I didn't know bunnies could get pissed or angry.

She "lightly" slapped me in the pained area. " ARGH!" I groaned in pain as my wound hasn't been healed. "Mianhe~Sorry Jeongyeon! I'm really sorry!" She said as she rubbed the wound and started kissing it. " Da fudge! Why are you kissing?" I said confuse at her action." To make the pain go away. " She said while showing her Bunny teeth. And that kids is The moment Jeongyeon knew he messed up. He fell Inlove with School's Idol.

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