Chapter 8 Adjusting To Hell

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Chapter 8

Adjusting To Hell

Zack's POV

After dinner I went back to my room. I wanted to be alone, so why would angels kill my parents? It's to much trouble to go to just to intimidate me. It's almost like they wanted me to find out, to know who I am, what I am.

There was three knocks at my door, I didn't open it or respond. The door opened since it wasn't locked in the first place, Alexia stepped through.

"Hey." She greeted me.

I had my blank face on and said nothing. I just stared at her. "So were half siblings." She stated and I again didn't respond, I just stared. "Look, I don't know what I can say that will help you cope with this whole thing...." She began but I cut her off

"You don't have to. I'm already at peace with it, I've accepted what I am. I don't like it, but it's what I am, and I can't change it. So I've decided, why not learn to use it?" I said, the last part was a rhetorical question. Alexia was silent as she looked at me.

"You mean your ok with all this?" She asked gesturing to the whole room.

"Yes." Was all I said and my half sister nodded.

"What's your plan?" She asked.

"Train, learn to harness all my power. Then take the fight to the angels, and kill anyone or anything that gets in my way." I said and Alexia was silent.

My face was still blank, my eyes had changed from gold to lava orange. 

I had asked Azazel. He said it meant I was now a pure demon in both mind and body. He said, I had abandoned my humanity. Gold eyes meant you were lingering between demon and human.

"You don't care who or what you have to kill to get revenge for your parents, do you?" She asked and I shook my head no.

"There are a few I would not kill, Dan and you being two of them." I said in a dead voice.

"Well that's comforting." She said sarcastically.

"Please leave." I say in a dead voice and Alexia nods and heads for the door. "send Azazel in." I add and I see her nod.

The fiery red door shut and I looked around my room. The room was painted red and gold, with a large red and black bed in the middle. The floor was covered with orange carpet. There was no furniture except a chair, desk and the bed. I sighed deeply as I sat in the chair. A few moments later Azazel walked in.

"You wanted to see me?" He asked.

"Train me." I state with a blank face and monotone voice. Azazel smirked and nodded.

"When do we start?" He asked.

"Tomorrow morning, first thing." I say and he nods and goes to leave.

I strip down to my boxers and climb in bed and try to go to sleep.


I woke up and quickly got dressed and but left my weapons in my room. Reason I left them, was because I don't want to rely on them right now.

I wondered down the hall, cautiously.

I finally saw Azazel sitting at a table calmly eating some food.

"Trying to sneak up on me Zack?" He asked with his back turned to me.

I had my blank face on as u just silently stared at him.

Out of nowhere Azazel just vanished, but I saw him. He was running forwards me soo fast the naked eye couldn't spot him. I dodged easily to the right as he crashed through a wall. I waited patiently for him to dig himself out.

"Well now we know your sense and reflexes are good, the real training can begin." Azazel said with a grin.

We continued to move super fast. At the moment we were evenly matched, but I still found it too easy. I also know that he's holding back.

"Quit holding back." I said dodging a punch and Azazel nodded. Azazel's punches got stronger and faster with every passing second.

I suddenly found myself smashing through a wall, but I didn't feel it. The wall I smashed into came crumbling down upon me. I looked up and just by looking at the bricks, they were incinerated in golden flames. I looked down at my hands, to discover they were emitting golden fire.

"Impressive!" Azazel observed. I stood back up and noticed Azazel's eyes were now yellow and his body had engulfed itself in red flames.

I rushed him, but he was expecting it. So, I ended up going through another wall. I jumped up high as a fireball went whizzing past my head and exploded on impact with the ground. I soon discovered I wasn't falling back to the ground after I had jumped. I also felt something stretching out from my shoulder blades. I looked over my back. I had huge flaming golden wings with black spikes on them. 

I looked down at Azazel who now had a smirk on his face. He sprouted huge flaming red wings and took off heading straight for me.

We punched and kicked each other repeatedly until we both collapsed from exhaustion.

"You two have fun?" Asked Abaddon sounding amused.

"Yeah, I did at least. Zack where'd you learn to fight like that. I mean for a demon who just found himself, your fighting skills are astonishing." Azazel said stumbling to his feet.

Azazel made his wings retreat into his back, as did I.

I'm thankful I've learned to use this power, deep deep down I felt the continuous conflict between my former humanity and inner demon finally end. I've given up my humanity, I no longer need it or want it. No, I am a demon, I am the devils son.

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