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"ALRIGHT, I'VE been quiet all morning, now tell me what happened!" Adeliza demanded at lunch the next day. Charlotte sighed and put down her turkey sandwich she made that morning. The redhead turned to her friends, Rylie, Toni, and Talia were also looking at her expectantly, Eden was strangely missing. Adeliza had told them pretty much everything she knew the second she knew it.

"Nothing happened, okay?" Charlotte said quickly, rubbing her hand over her face in frustration. "Seavey saw my bag split in the hallway and has been bugging me ever since." She said, sitting back in her seat. It was frustrating, honestly.

"Oh joy." Rylie muttered sarcastically, a frown tugging on the blonde's lips and she looked over at the ginger haired girl, resting her hand on her shoulder. "I'm sorry you have to deal with that troublemaker."

Charlotte sighed and shrugged her shoulders, her lips pursed together. "It's okay, I guess. I just didn't realize how many classes I had with him until he started talking to me." She explained before taking a bite of her sandwich.

Adeliza nodded in understanding before she stopped, her eyes locking on something across the room. "Oh, he's hanging out with him." Her tone was laced with disgust, which caused the girls at the table to turn their heads in the same direction. There were three boys sitting there, one being Daniel Seavey and two others Charlotte didn't recognize.

"I hate him." Adeliza scoffed and had her arms crossed over her chest, sitting back in her chair. Charlotte turned her gaze to the brunette and raised her eyebrows questioningly. She looked at the redhead for a moment before sighing. "The one with the curly hair, Jack Avery. He keeps trying to talk to me and... flirt with me. It's annoying."

"Awww someone's flirting with poor little Liza." A familiar male chimed from behind the girls. They turned and Zach and Eden came walking over to the table, her taking a seat by Adeliza. Zach grinned and leaned over Toni's shoulder and took a cookie from the open ziplock bag on the table.

"Hey!" Toni exclaimed and turned around. She smacked the brunet boy's arm and he held his hands up in defeat, mouth full of cookie.

"Sorry! You make the best cookies!" Zach exclaimed as he sat down next to the blonde, smirking and resting his arm on the table. Toni rolled her eyes and playfully shoved his shoulder, him chuckling quietly.

"And where were you, Miss Eden?" Talia asked and turned to their long haired friend with a smirk on her face.

Eden's cheeks heated up and she tucked her hair behind her ear. "Nowhere, just asking a teacher for some extra help." She said and pulled her lunch from her bag.

"Oh please, you were—" Eden's gaze snapped to Zach and hardened on him, which quickly shut him up.

"That wasn't suspicious at all." Rylie commented and ate more of her pasta. Eden shook her head and looked down at her lap while Zach got up quickly.

"Well I'm going to go talk to some people. I will see you later. Ladies." Zach made the motion to tip a hat, which he didn't have, and grinned before walking away from the table. But not before snagging another cookie from the bag.

"Zach!" Toni shouted after him and shook her head as the boy jokingly blew a kiss in her direction. She crossed her arms on the table and rested her chin on it, facing the other girls. "And I'm tired. It's noon and I haven't napped yet."

Charlotte chuckled along with the others at Toni and looked away from the table momentarily. She spotted Zach sitting at a table and her gaze lingered on a blue-eyed brunet for a moment before she looked back to her friends.

Of course it doesn't mean anything.

THREE BOYS sat around a lunch table the next day, Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery, and Jonah Marais. The latter two were laughing about something one of them had said, but Daniel wasn't paying any attention to his delinquent friends. Instead, his blue eyes were scanning the cafeteria, keeping an eye out for a particular redhead.

"If it isn't the three idiots I hardly see around school." Daniel turned his head to see Zach Herron, in all his smirking and blushing glory, walking up to the table and sliding into a seat across from them.

"What's up, Herron?" Jack greeted and held his hand up, the younger leaning over the table and high-fiving him. He did the same with Jonah before looking at Daniel, his smirk only seeming to grow which made the blue-eyed boy a little concerned.

"Well, a little birdy told me someone's been talking to Charlotte Knight recently..." Zach trailed off, which made Daniel roll his eyes, a smirk tugging across his own lips. Of course that's what he wanted to talk about. He knew Zach hung around the girls because, well, Zach hung out with everybody.

"Wait, wait, wait," Jonah held his hands between the boys, his head turning to Daniel with his hazel eyes widened in what the younger assumed was surprise. "You're hanging out with the redhead? Little miss cop?" He questioned, Jack's head craning around the eldest to mirror his shocked expression.

Daniel bit the corner of his lip and shrugged his shoulders at the question. "I saw her in the hallway when her bag fell apart in front of me and that's pretty much it." He said, running a hand through his hair.

"So what's going on with that?" The youngest pressed on, jokingly leaning forward with his hands on his cheeks, feigning obvious interest.

Daniel just shrugged his shoulders again. He wasnt a person who would usually talk about something like this. "It's just fun to annoy her." He said and smirked. It was fun, for him anyway, to see her roll her eyes or her nose to flare in annoyance. He enjoyed ticking off the redhead.

"Well it works because she's definitely annoyed by it." Zach chuckled and turned his chair around, resting his arms on the back of it. "Speaking of annoying. Jack, Adeliza, really?" He questioned and turned to the curly-haired boy.

Jack shrugged and held his hands up. "What can I say? She's pretty and she's ignoring my attempts, so I must pursue." He grinned and put his arms on the table, folding his hands together.

Jonah snickered and put his hand on Jack's shoulder. "Ah young... I wouldn't say love, maybe teenage hormones?" He questioned, the younger jabbing his side with his elbow.

Daniel chuckled at his friends and looked across the cafeteria, seeing a familiar redhead laughing along with her friends. A smirk tugged at the corners of his lips and he leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms as he watched her tuck her hair behind her ear and smile gently.

But it was all for fun. It didn't mean anything really.

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