Missed call

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"Shit" I said waking up with a huge headache

I turn over to see a light skin girl laying next to me with just a thong on

"Oh fuck" I mumbled
She turned around and bit her lip looking at me

"Damn it been awhile since I've had good dick and oh damn you stretched me out" she said looking at me seductively

"Nah Nah Nah get outta my bed Fham we did not fuck last night" I face palmed
"Oh yes we did" she moves closer to me
"But you wouldn't let me kiss you which was weird"

"Chill out damn Quinton"

She threw her clothes on and walked out the hotel room slamming the door

I stood up grabbing my head and spun around slowly

"SHIT!" I grabbed some random thing off the dresser and whipped it out the wall
I squatted down and rubbed my face out of stress

"Aw FUCK" I look and see that it was my phone I whipped
"Nah dawg you gotta be playin" I mumble to myself

I whipped the door open to my hotel room to find this Hannah girl

"Yo!" I yelled ass I seen her go into the elevator
I ran to the elevator and it closed before I got there
"Fuck" I slam my fist against the elevator door

I ran down the stairs to the front lobby still only wearing my boxers

"Yo" I ran in front of her stopping her from going any further
"Did I really fuck you?" I asked
"Oh my God chill out boy like ion need you spitting out my damn business" she said with attitude

"It's my damn business too lady ion remember shit that happened last night" getting mad

"Holy shit you Americans are crazy!"

"But no I only sucked your dick" she said
"Fuck!" I said in a panic
"Why nigga" she said with a screw face

"Cause I have a girlfriend!"
"Damn cheater" she rolled her eyes
"Well were not like official or nun but liked- Wait.."

"Why did you say I stretched you out and shit"
"Cause to get you hard I dusted my pussy"

I looked at her in disgust

"Ew WHAT?!"
"Shhh damn you so loud" she said
"Okay well I guess it's better then me fucking you and shit but like fuck"
"Okay can I go now you out here in yo damn undergarments" she said irritated
"Yeah sure" I grabbed the back of my neck still stressed out

I walk back up stairs and realized I forgot my key card inside so I just sighed and sat against the wall

"Man..." I started to cry
I heard a door open
"Aye nigga you good?" Prince crouch's next to me
"Bruh I've been trying to get ahold of you and shit man like shit got heated last night"

I looked up at him

"Bruh some shawty sucked me off last night bruh" I cover my face with one hand
"Oh..." prince sat there in shock
"And I got mad and dashed my phone across the room and fucked it up cause like I got mad ju dig?"
"But like why'd you do it man like you loyal loyal"

"I didn't remember it cause I got drunk as fuck but I woke up with a bitch next to me and shit and I asked her and that what she told me"

"I had to run out to her to and left my bitch ass key card in the room Fham"

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