ninjutsu training

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Although he was Master Splinter on the inside he now called himself jaune Arc is that is the name his new mother had given him

Honestly when Master Splinter first saw his new face he was surprised that he had not been human in a long time

Living a few years in this world Master splinter now jaune Arc learned how things work here

There was a subspecies of human called a faunus who are discriminated because of their animal appendages which he found to be really ridiculous it reminded him of the discrimination against mutants

He had learned that the creatures are Grimm and found several things out about them for one thing they did not appear to need to eat or sleep and only attack humans only fighting with animals for territory or if attacked first

Jaune have grown close to his sisters especially his older sister Saffron who is dating a nice girl named Terra

After also learned of the huntsman elite group of warriors trying to fight the grim knowing that it was his best option he decided to train is new body back in the peak shape so he could attend Beacon academy

Jaune decided to start his training making his body as flexible and as strong as possible

You started with a simple workout regimen which he quickly and intensified

Every day he would swing a large wooden sword that was extremely heavy and kept swinging it until he was exhausted day in and day out building up his arm muscles

For his legs he started doing running regimen with tires rocks tied to rope on his ankles to add Mass to his leg muscles

He climb trees the work on his upper and lower body strength and when he got two branches did many sit-ups will hanging upside down

At night he would wake himself up and blindfold himself to practice his skill in the dark as he was no longer a rat he had to adapt to the darkness as it is a ninjas best friend

For balance Jaune did meditation which is sisters found weird

He did yoga to make himself as flexible as possible

One of his most intense regiments was filling a bucket on the tree from another bucket that he had to do sit ups over and over again until the bucket was full with only a cup

He then practice martial arts until his muscles would memorize the movements

As there many trees around nearest his house he started doing jumping from tree to tree and even if he fell down he kept going over and over again

His sisters were concerned when he came home all bruised but told them that he was all right and they were wondering what their little brother was doing

They found it especially strange when they found Jaune balancing buckets of water with his arms stretched out which look to be extremely painful while standing on one knee which they found to be astounding especially for someone Jaune's age

Overtime Jaune's body grew into that of a warrior finally tone but not to over muscular

When he was going to school he trained his mind in all subjects especially math science history and writing

Jaune bought any book of any knowledge of Grimm and huntsman that he could find as he did not know this world's knowledge and had to learn fast for he was not going to be a kid forever and if you wanted to get to beacon he had to be the best of the best

In school Jaune was a straight-A student in gym he was always the best and many were jealous of his skill and intelligence many boys envied him while many girls wanted to date him

Jaune was not against the idea although he lost the love of his life once he knows she would want him to move on

Years passed and Jaune was finally ready to head to beacon academy

But unfortunately fate got in his way as his parents did not want him to go

But for Jaune Arc was once Master Splinter he knows that his destiny lies at beacon and even if it's necessary he would have to defy his parents and run away if necessary

So after getting some fake transcripts Jaune runs away carrying a katana on his back ready to become a huntsman and to find his new destiny in this new world

To be continued

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