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IT WAS THE next weekend and Hazel had arrived unannounced at the Stanford household, like she did most days

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IT WAS THE next weekend and Hazel had arrived unannounced at the Stanford household, like she did most days. As usual she was greeted by Isla nearly tackling her in a hug and Kristin's offers of food.

"Thanks Mrs. Stanford, but I'm just here to bug Jack." Hazel said when she was offered it, and yes she was still formal with her greeting. She gave a smile to Isla and quickly hugged her before jogging up the stairs.

She reached the second door on the right, a white one with a sign at about waist level that read "Jack" in variously colored letters. Isla had made it for her brother when she was much younger and Jack didn't want to take it down.

Hazel shook her head at the sign, a small smile on her face; no matter how many times she came over and saw it, the sign was always sweet to see. She glanced up and was about to enter when the door barely opened, enough for her to catch a glimpse at the back of her curly-haired friend's head.

He was sitting on his bed, back facing the door with a guitar in his lap, arms leaning over it. He seemed to be leaning over something before sitting up straighter, placing a pencil behind his ear. His hand went to the neck of his guitar while his lip tugged between his teeth, fingers lightly plucking the strings of the instrument.

"But we're a million worlds apart. And, I don't know how I would even start..." He sang quietly, barely plucking the strings of the guitar before shaking his head.

Hazel smiled ever-so-slightly as she watched his eyebrows furrow and tongue poke between his lips as he jotted something down in the small notebook. She liked listening to him sing, it's when he seemed happiest to her. The small smile that played at his lips, the sparkle in his eyes, it brought her joy to see. The fluttering of her heart only made it better.

While he was writing, she lifted her fist to knock on the door. His head lifted at the sound and she smirked when he saw his eyes crinkle and lips twitch in a smile.

"Since when do you knock?" Jack asked and shifted how he was sitting to face her, legs hanging off the end of his bed. He wasn't wrong, she hardly knocked when she came over which had resulted in some scares, mostly on his part.

Hazel just shrugged and walked in. "You looked in thought and that guitar is expensive so I voted against scaring you this time." She teased, smiling at the chuckle that escaped the curly-haired boy's lips.

"Fair enough." He admitted, glancing at her for a moment. She sat next to him on the end of the bed as he shut his notebook, his pencil going back behind his ear.

Hazel sat watching him do this for a moment before curiosity got the better of her, the question tugging at her chest. "What're you working on?" She asked and lifted her feet up to the bed, crossing them under her legs. She couldn't help it, she always asked questions.

She swore she saw pink wave over Jack's cheeks at the question. "Just a song." He mumbled and looked over at her.

Her bright eyes wide, looking at him and sparkling with curiosity. Jack let out a heavy sighed and passed her the notebook. He would always give into her.

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