Sparks Fly- Dante x Female imagine

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I fixed my clothes and quickly reapplied my makeup as I went downstairs with a fake smile. (she acc got enough time to do that)

" Hey guys! Tj, Eden, can I quickly talk with you guys?"

"Sure." They both said in unison shrugged and followed me.

"Guys, I fucked up."


"Well you guys know I like Dante right?"


"Well I confronted him about never talking to unless we are working and he said I was an attention seeker and stuff and there was a big argument."


"Yea well I've been in my room for hours crying for literally no reason."

"Girl." Eden said

"There's literally no point of crying over him. He's not worth it. He doesn't appreciate true beauty right in front of him. If he doesn't see that it's you then it's his loss but, we need to fix this for the sake of the everyone in the house."

"Yes." Tj agreed immediately

"Fine, but what do I do? I don't want him to scream at me if I go to talk to him and I also don't feel like I'm ready."

"Oh, we've gotta plan that will for sure work."
Eden said smugly


After Y/N left Tj asked

"What's this "brilliant" plan you've come up with."

"So basically, we get Dante and Y/N to come to my room thinking it's movie night and then we lock them in there together and don't let them out until they make up."

" But doesn't Y/N already know there's gonna be a plan?"

"That's exactly why I didn't tell her what it was going to be. But first we need to tell the boys. I'm sure Dante's already told them his side of the story."

A while later we saw Cameron, Aidan, Ethan and Blake come down the stairs. 

"Did you guys hear about the argument?"

"Yep. And we've gotta plan but you guys can go first I guess."

"Okay so me and the guys were thinking the old lure and lock."

"What's that?" Tj asked looking confused

"Oh so basically,  we lure them into the same room somehow and then lock them in together until they make up."

"Yea, we were thinking the same thing but didn't come up with a stupid name for it."

Eden high fived Tj and said

"So basically we've got the same plot of a plan as you but ours is better."

"How come?" Blake asked smugly

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