Sparks Fly- Dante x Female imagine

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I'll try to have some variety because it feels kind of wrong just writing for female when it can be gender neutral too :)

I play number 8 on umbrella academy. I love my job.

I get to work with my best friends.

There's one that makes me feel so special.

He is everything to me.


I like him. Actually, I love him.

I'm just too scared to tell him how I feel.

Until one day when I got the courage to. And this is how it went


I was sitting in the living room in the young casts house. That's right my cast had a whole house to rent over filming time to stay in since Aidan and I aren't from Toronto.

Deep in my thoughts, I was thinking about Dante. The way he always makes me feel better after a bad day. They way his curly hair bounces back into place when I run my hands through it. The way he smiles at me and tells me everything is gonna be alright.

I was internally smiling so much. (didn't wanna look like a creep)

Until I heard footsteps coming down the stairs.  It was Dante in a grey hoodie and sweatpants he looked hella good. (like always)

I couldn't help but stare but then I looked away quickly. A look of embarrassment took over my face.


"Nothing." You say looking down and smiling awkwardly.

"You seem distant. What's wrong?"


"I've never actually heard you say nothing that much somethings up."

"Seriously nothing's wrong. Can you just leave me alone. One day you're totally ignoring me then, you try and talk to me like you didn't just ignore me the whole of yesterday."

"Well, I'm sorry I don't have time for you all the time Miss attention seeker but not everything's always about you."

"Why do you care anyways?"

"You know what, you're such a jerk. I'm not an attention seeker. The least you can say is a hello you just walk past and ignore me completely. You only talk to me if we're filming something."

"Why do I have to talk to you off of set. I'm here for my job not to socialise with you."

"You're such a douche sometimes I literally cannot with you anymore."



I marched upstairs to my room and slammed the door behind me. I heard Dante slam his door. I then slid down on the wall and cried into my hands.

Sometimes I just go too far and we could've had a good conversation if I didn't bring up the last few instances between us.

Gosh I'm so stupid.

I stayed there on the floor crying for what seemed like ages until I heard a faint "we're back from set!"

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