Chapter 3

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“Hey Dad, I’m home,” I shouted as I went through the door.

“Hi Millie, Dinner’s  - ” he stopped, and stared at Aaron.

“Um. Dad, this is Aaron, he came over to help me with my assignment,” I explained, telepathically telling Aaron to not say anything.

“Oh, well, I have to have a word with you, Millie,” he said, looking sad. Aaron nodded, and Dad led me into the kitchen.

“Honey, I have to go for awhile,” he said.

“No big deal, Dad, don’t worry about it.”

“And your mother wants you to visit her because she doesn’t want you staying alone,” Dad said.

“What?” I whisper. I can’t have heard him right.

“You’re off to visit your mother in a few days, until I get back,” he tried to be comforting, but I pulled away angrily.

“I don’t care if she wants me to visit! She doesn’t care about what I want, or what you want! After all she’s done, I am not going near her, or her husband, or her replacement kids, or her replacement dog! I hate her!” I screamed.

“Millie, keep your voice down, we have guests!” Dad said, alarmed. “I wish you told me he was coming, so we could have talked about this beforehand. I arranged a really lovely dinner for the two of us, because I leave tonight.”

I’ve worked it all out. If Dad leaves before I’m supposed to visit Mum, I can ‘accidentally’ miss my plane, and stay here.

“OK, I’ll miss you, Dad,” I hugged him.


Millie and her father just walked out of the room. I get a call from Brian, my brother’s friend.


“Hey Aaron, it’s Brian,” he said heavily. He was probably drunk.

“I’m busy now, can I call you later?” I was annoyed.

There’s a fumbling noise, and someone else grabs the phone.

“That thing we talked about at that party on Saturday?” I recognized the voice as Billy’s.


“We’ve chosen the girl.” It made sense then. I went to a party on Saturday night, and Parker went too. Some guys made a comment that I hadn't had a girlfriend yet. Parker said, “No brother of mine is a virgin.” And then there was a bet put on whether I could sleep with someone before the end of the year. And I guess they’ve chosen what girl I’m supposed to go after.

“Who is it?”

Just then, Millie and her Dad came back. “I have to go, send me a text of who it is,” I said and quickly hung up.

Why did I care so much anyway? Why did I care about Parker and his stupid friends? It’s not like I was actually going to try to get this girl, whoever it is. They said it would be a hard nut to crack, in their words. Could it be Lilly? She’s a virgin, I think. She never talks to anyone. It’s definitely not Carrie or Alicia, my two exes. Parker thinks I slept with them.

Stop thinking about this! I told myself. Get a grip!

“So why don’t you take Aaron up to your room while I put the finishing touches on dinner?” Millie’s Dad said. She grabbed my arm and dragged me down the hallway.

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