Chapter 15

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(This cover photo is just to let every one know how taylor looks sorry if u dislike it)

"Be careful about what??"taylor asked me and ray!

"Oh hey,this is raynoldo,we just had our tutor class lesson."I said. Ray looked at Taylor.

"Well now he's your servant...Raynoldo... Hmm mind if I just call you ray?.I'm Taylor Robinson,I'm going to get married to your master, hahaha... olivia..hmm.. and please let me know that you'll be there!"Taylor smiled as he grabbed my hand.

"Where?"ray said. "My marriage with olivia,at the biggest hotel in town don't miss it."taylor said and gave a wink. I let go of Taylor's hand.

"Well we should get going to the picture thing."i said. Ray looked alittle upset but he knew what was happening...

Me and Taylor got into the car,he turned up the radio. "Taylor?"I asked. He kept driving. "What?"he asked.

"Don't be so mean to this new servant boy ok?"I asked. He laughed.

"Why!? And why are you being such a care bear? Huh?got a crush?"he said driving around.

"No"I said. He looked alittle sad by that. These days he's been upset I hope everything's going to get better! I don't know how but...

"Taylor If you don't want to marry me then just tell them before they get these cards ready!"I said. He looked at me.

"If you didn't get your hair done,I would have pulled them!"Taylor said. "But just tell them the truth! Tell me?"I yelled.

He looked at me,I got really scared because the evil I saw in those eyes scared me so much!

"YOU WANT THE TRUTH? You want to hear it huh? Well I don't like you at all but I will marry you because I want your money! After that I can have that property that's yours now! I really don't like you! I love Nicole! I'm going to marry her infront of your face! shes sick and she's still way better than you that's why she's pregnant!! Because she diseases my love"he yelled. After saying that he stoped.

He looked at me as if he wasn't suppose to say that,shivers went down my back! "Your sick!"I whispered.

We were almost there now. "Taylor give me my phone back please!"I said. He smiled.

"OLIVIA you have two sides in you that your fighting,sweet heart,there's one side of you that wants her phone back and says please and begs just like I want you to,but then you change into a annoying girl who wants to know everything and a stupid brave ugly girl! And you know what I like,after you yell at me you always want something from me,and sweet heart..why. Why not take use of this moment?"Taylor asked me.

"Taylor there's no use of taking my phone,I can just get my father to give it back or I'll just tell him you have it!"I tried to act smart. I know father wouldn't give me my phone back because he docent trust me and this freedom is only here because of Taylor..should I tell him everything?

"Really? I'll just tell your father that you were so so busy with me the other night that you left your phone in my room,ok?"Taylor asked.

"No! Father..just don't Tay!"I begged. We finally reached the spot to take pictures.

"There's another way.."Tay said

"What?"I asked..

"How about when we get home with me you have to make a sene with me in front of your care bear! Ray..I think he likes do you agree?"he asks.

"What type of sene?"I said really scared,what the heck is going on?

"Hmm..hug would be good inoff but you gotta make it long,Rays going to suffer baby! Because I could see the love he has for you in his eyes! And if you want me to help you out with every thing then you gotta make me happy!"he laughed.

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