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His grip around my waist tightened and I whimpered against his lips. "Hey boss we finally found the traitors." We heard a deep voice. Zabdiel pulled away with a sigh. "Bring them to the back, let me take her in my bedroom." Zabdiel said, the guy nodded and walked away while Zabdiel grabbed my hand and led me through his large villa. It was hard to catch up since I'm wearing heels and  he's freaking long and I'm not even 5 feet.

Being 4"11 sucks big time. "I will give you a tour of the villa later, in the meantime stay here and rest or shower. I don't care, just do not leave this room." He said seriously. I nodded shakily and he smiled softly and walked out after giving my head a kiss.

He closed the door behind him and I sat on the big fluffy bed and I cried. I didn't want to be here, I'm scared and stressed. I need my inhaler. Where is my inhaler? I can't leave I can't go. My body can't handle it. I wouldn't go far. I don't want to die.

I heard yelling, it was Zabdiel's yelling. I looked out the slightly open window and I saw two men on the floor with their hands bound behind their back. There were about six men behind them, standing. I finally saw him, Zabdiel. He was angry, no scratch that he looked furious. His face was a completely different color. One of the tied down guys looked scared and he must have said something that Zabdiel didn't like. Zabdiel stuck out his hand to the man who was standing next to him. The man took a gun out from under his shirt and he handed it to him. Zabdiel cocked the gun and pointed it to the man that talked back. I gasped and I covered my mouth, no he's bluffing he wouldn't really kill him.

Before I knew it Zabdiel shot him without any mercy and I screamed. Zabdiel and all his men turned to the window where I was at and I immediately covered my mouth and I moved away from the window. I just saw someone die. Zabdiel showed no mercy to him, he could have had a family, children, a lover. Who knows. I felt heavy foot steps come up the stairs and I immediately locked the door.

I don't know how I moved that fast but I did. I heard banging on the door after he probably realized I locked the door. "Open up, Isabella. You don't want to test me." He growled. Holy shit, he's mad. I wrapped my arms around myself and I started to cry again, I didn't want to be here. What if he killed me too? "I'm not going to ask you again. Open up before I break down this door!" He said loudly, not a aggressive as he did before but still very dominant.

If I open the door he might kill me or hurt me, but if I don't open the door then he might kill me or hurt me too. I shakily made my way to the door, "Last time Im going to tell you Isabella." His voice said. "I-I'm c-coming." My voice cracked. I wiped the tears from my face but my tears kept on streaming down. I unlocked the door and before I could even open it He barged in. He looked me and i immediately looked away. I covered my face as I tried to control my breathing. O counted down from ten but it wasn't working. "Isabella are you okay? Stop covering your face." He got closer, "D-Don't touch me." I stepped back.

"Are you scared of me?" He asked, memories of that guy getting shot filled my head. I nodded as I closed my eyes to get the image out of my head. "Why do you keep doing that?" He asked. "Doing what?" I slid down the wall. I hugged my knees and I still looked down. "You're acting like you can't breathe." He said, "Maybe it's because I have asthma but I don't have my inhaler because I was forcefully taken out of my country to one I don't even know." I said angrily but I immediately regretted it since it made my breathing worse. "I need to calm myself somehow." I told myself and I took a deep breath I was finding a way to calm down, I thought about Sergio, he's like a nephew to me. I thought about the day we first met and he asked fora job, I put him to the test and I saw how he did when it came to customer service and baking, he was like a small male version of me. I meet his parents, they are sweethearts. "Come here." He said and I looked up my breathing somewhat stayed steady, "I don't want to." I said my chest hurt a little, "Well I wasn't asking." He responded with the dominance he has.

I lifted my arms to annoy him but he didn't seem to mind. He grabbed my small hands with his large ones. He gently pulled me up and and he pulled me into a hug. I continued to try control my breathing and he was somehow soothing me by brushing his fingers through my hair. "I want to go home, Zabdiel. Please let me go home." I said lowly. I really want him to take pity on me and to let me leave. But no, he wants me here for some reason. He wants me to be his wife, that is something I don't want at all.

"I can't princesa, you are mine now and I am never letting go." He said, and I sighed. I somehow calmed down but I was still scared and upset. "Why did you kill him? He could have had a family or children. He didn't deserve that, he looked so scared." I said against his chest. "He is a traitor, he was stealing my goods and selling them as his own to someone in the Dominican Republic. He was a woman beater and he had no children, I took him in to give him a second chance but he stabbed my back. He knew the consequences, then he had the audacity to call me a psychopath." He said as he was starting to get angry again, I could tell because his grip around me tightened just like earlier.

"You're hurting me.." I said quickly, "I'm sorry." He said and he let go of his tight grip but his arms were still around me. "I love you and I don't want you to be scared of me." He said lowly. He tuck a piece of my hair behind my ear and he lightly moved my face to look at him. "Who are you? I don't even know you." I said. "Let's lay on the bed and I'll tell you what you want to know. Well some things not everything." He said and he pulled me to the bed, he noticed my hesitation. "We're just going to lay down and take a nap. I'm tired and annoyed with what happened outside, and I'm not the kind of man to take advantage of a woman." He said and I still eyed him. I didn't want to make him upset so I thought it was best to just obey.

I took off my heels and he took off his shoes, he climbed on the big bed and layed on his back with his hands under his head. I climbed in on the other side and I layed down, "You're too far away." He said and I felt him move he pulled me to him and he rested his arm around my waist, we were in a spooning position.

In reality this felt nice but I know that this isn't good. To be here in bed with a man I don't know, I'm not surprised if he's a drug dealer or something. "My name is Zabdiel, I'm the biggest drug lord in Puerto Rico. I'm also the baddest gang leader or whatever." He said, or whatever?! "I'm Isabella, I used to own a bakery." I said and he chuckled.

"So does that mean you do drugs?" I asked, "No I personally don't do drugs. I drink and smoke weed from time to time but I know what drugs do to you." He said, "How ironic, a drug lord that doesn't do drugs." I said, "At least I can get you anything that you want." He said, "Anything?" I asked, i could feel his smirk. "Yes baby, anything." He said. I nodded and stayed quiet, "What do you want? I know you want something." He said. "I want to bake. I doubt you have baking supplies here. I also need clothes." I said. Since I'm stuck here might as well make the bestw of it. Imagine if I end up having Stockholm syndrome? I would die.

"That's all?" He asked shocked, "Yeah that's all, and I think I'll be happy with just that." I said.