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Gracie sat at home not
really sure what to do with

She had been meeting up
with Zion very frequently
however he was in Canada
for a week

And Stassie, well she was
busy doing whatever it is
that stassie does

Which in turn, lead to Gracie
just sitting there bored
out of her mind

She hated that this had become
her life now, her amusement
relying heavily on the
availability of two people

So deciding that she should probably
be productive, she changed
into her gym clothes and
grabbed her gym bag,
her wireless headphones and
her keys

She entered her car and made
her way to the gym

After about 10 minutes, she
arrived and made her
way into the gym

She placed her gym bag
in the locker and
pulled out her water bottle
and headphones

Within the time she had spent
there, she was able to fit
her cardio in, aswell as
working out her abs and arms

And she did this all without
interruption, but that quickly
came to an end when someone
tapped her shoulder

Removing her headphones, Gracie
turns around and sees

"Brandon hey, I didn't know you
came to this gym" she says smiling

"Yeah I've been coming here for
a while" he says

Gracie looked at him up and down,
he wasn't wearing his glasses
and was dressed in a simple
tank top which he paired with
basketball shorts

"So you finished checking me out yet?"
he laughs which catches Gracie
off guard

"I-I-I wasn't checking you out"
she stammered which causes him
to laugh

"I'm joking, I wouldn't mind
a beautiful girl like you checking
me out anyways" he flirts which causes
Gracie to laugh awkwardly

"So, how long you been here?" She asks
hoping to divert the conversation

"An hour and a half  I think, I've
been slacking lately so I had to
do an intense session today" he replies
before taking a sip of his water

"That's what's up, I'm here
because I was so bored at home. Like
With Zion in Canada and Stassie
not being home. I didn't know what to do"
she laughs

"Same man, all the boys are off doing
their own shit, I was just going
to go home and make some beats" he says

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